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Do "normal" applications look blurry on high DPI screens?

Applications that don't mark themselves as explicitly handling High DPI correctly will be autoscaled up by default in a way that does look pretty blurry (basically their GDI canvases are being bitmap scaled from much lower resolutions for final display) because blurry is better than unreadably small as a default.

You can opt out of this on a per-app basis (right click app icon, Compatibility tab, select "Disable display scaling on high DPI settings") and have them just display everything really tiny if you prefer that. This is actually a decent option if the app has its own scaling but doesn't properly interact with Windows to enable it. I still run Sublime Text 2 and have it set to disable High DPI scaling and then just use a bigger font point size to make the text readable; also used to do the same with Chrome back before it had proper High DPI scaling on Windows (disabled DPI scaling, then just used the normal web page render scaling).

It looked OK on my 4K screen when I installed it. I however fairly quickly went back to 8.1. It's soooo slow, lagging mouse pointer slow. There are lots of 'proportion' issues as well that aren't there with 8.1 (task bar too small, title bars too large), I couldn't get the Display settings to anything close to comfortable.

It also looks a mess, mainly the random font sizes, but also the fact that they've tried to modernise everything, like menus, etc. (that they clearly didn't get around to with W8), but there's still aspects that have been forgotten and are in the W7 style. So there's W7+W8+W10 all in one. I didn't mind so much with W8 because 'modern' was 'over there', and W7 with some flat tweaks is 'over here'. But now it's all thrown together. Not pretty.

Then when it would only randomly 'see' certain domains on my work VPN, and just be blind to others, I'd had enough... and bailed. I've never bailed on an OS before, always given it a chance to settle in. W10 just doesn't feel finished.

> mainly the random font size

That's a consequence of the cheats that MS did a long time ago in how they render TrueType. The short version: instead of properly kerning the rendering, each glyph's x-location is rounded up to the next pixel boundary, causing nasty misalignments (some of which accumulate over the line).

The long (but very interesting version: http://www.antigrain.com/research/font_rasterization/index.h...

Applications without DPI scaling support on Windows are like that. More and more apps are getting there, but still not Fiddler apparently.

Pass the -dpiAware command line argument into Fiddler to have it report that it is DPI aware.

He did use a JPEG...

What's a "DPI screen"? Couldn't find anything on wikipedia.

I'm assuming "high DPI screens" was the intention.

Yes, sorry.

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