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Here's the core question, is this a permanent or temporary problem?

I remember back in the early years of the web (mid to late '90s) and one of the most important factors in designing websites was realizing that users don't scroll. They just didn't, and if your site design relied on that fact then you'd be screwed. But users learned to scroll, and now scrolling is perhaps the most important and most universal method of interacting with the web. In another 10 years will the hamburger menu become so well known and universally relied upon that not doing it will hurt your usability? Or are there fundamental reasons why it will never be good?

The article tackles that:

"Some people argue that “we just have to wait for users to learn the new navigation convention,” but hopefully you can see how the principle of information scent invalidates that argument. [...] The problem wasn’t that users were confused by the hamburger menu, but rather that there was never a compelling reason to click it in the first place."

The principle of information scent is explained in the previous section:

"Most people navigation based on what’s called “information scent.” When faced with a set of options, they’ll choose the option that gives the strongest indication that it’ll bring them closer to what they want, like an animal sniffing around for food. [...] You know what never looks anything even close to what the user actually wants? A small three-bar icon tucked in the corner of a website. It has no information scent. Even after the user has exhausted every other option, it still might not occur to them that the answers they seek are hiding behind those three bars. Users generally aren’t inclined to click it."

> one of the most important factors in designing websites was realizing that users don't scroll

It's not really that users don't scroll, more that relevant informations should be on the top of webpages rather than in the middle or the bottom. It don't think anybody ever said that users don't scroll in 90's .

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