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Am I the only one who came away wondering why they didn't buy the domain alphabet.com?

The company that owns it, ascio.com, isn't even using it. Or perhaps they were a bit too greedy?

If their intent is to continue to be a non-traditional company then it makes sense to NOT stick to a predictable/conventional .COM domain. Specific to their chosen domain name, while I'm not crazy about this .XYZ domain extension, I give google...er...I mean, Alphabet awesomely big props for choosing a very different domain extension. Even though one might consider these guys Da Man, I feel choosing an alternative domain extension is a mild manner of "sticking it to Da Man". Since so many decent combos for a .COM are taken, its like having all new real estate created from next-to-nothing. I for one greatly favor having an internet with myriad and varied domain extensions. Kudos to Alphabet/Google for at least this seemingly small gesture!!

Something tells me the kind of visitors Alphabet hopes to attract to their new website will be sophisticated enough to find it, and if not, they would be gently nudged by Google search results.

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