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Interesting. I suppose they'd fail PG's test of owning your own .com.

I just paid $250 dollars for a 4 letter domain today (igzi.com) after that post, and now that rule is broken? Today stinks.

I'll buy it from you for $20 if you want to get out while the market is tanking.

They are not consumer-facing, so this would not matter.

Yeah, like PG is ever wrong! These people man... I swear.

Not even that. Really, I just pointed that this is not a problem that presents itself in this case. You really want to compare a startup to a holding?

Or their own facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/alphabetINC


.biz domains suddenly get more visible.

whoever owns alphabet.com is about to get some pretty sweet offers.

Looks like they're on abc.xyz.

I actually tried registering that domain some months ago. It was taken. Dammit.

Ditto, registered abcetc.xyz instead ... who better captures the idea of alphabet now ?! :)

You could do a21w.xyz instead?

Actually no you can't, I just bought it. :-)

I like your domain. Clever :)

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