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I do not know much about big business financials, but this seems like a move that would allow Google to separate its experimental or research-based businesses that do not turn a profit from its giant bulging revenue beasts. It will likely allow Google to post better quarterlies, and push their stock up even higher.

Appointing Sundar as CEO also allows them to focus more on the cool stuff in Alphabet and let Sundar run the meat and potatoes Google operations. Interesting moves.

Except it is the conglomerate that is going to trade on the market, not the individual business units. They are changing their corporate structure to be more like GE or Lockheed. All the units will still be summed together come earnings time.

According to the blog post the earnings reports will be separated by division.

That is just more transparency into internal operations. Different divisions of Microsoft report separately, but a division taking a billion dollar write-off still impacts the share price.

Sure, but they all still trade in one big GOOG pile.

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