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> As a last-ditch attempt to solve the problem, they made it yellow

Amazing! I could almost write a script for the meeting in which that solution was decided upon.

Rough sketch:

Idea is proposed by one individual at level N in the hierarchy. Some cursory justification is provided, based on theory from a design article they read, they think, or maybe it was a youtube video - doesn't matter: Yellow attracts attention! Green makes people want to proceed! Red makes people want to stop! It's so obvious.

Numerous objections are raised by individuals at level < N in the hierarchy, who have a fairly deep understanding of design and have thought a lot about the problem. The objections are considered briefly, and then summarily ignored.

Meeting concluded.

Or in a less jaded view, they decided to try a very low cost fix before pulling the trigger on a very expensive site navigation redesign. Or, even better, this showed a partial improvement while they worked on the navigation redesign since "turn it yellow" takes 2 seconds and redesign the navigation takes much longer.

I like how this reads as jaded, was actually just an attempt at a bit of humour! Of course I agree with everything you said, that's probably what it actually was.

I've still not learned, probably never will, that tone rarely comes across in text :-)

Well, I had no doubt that I was interpreting it correctly, so I'll mark it down on my personal scorecard as well:)

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