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Hello, upon reading this post I felt great sorrow for your situation. I have seen many scams,(I do not believe you to be involved in any kind of scam), and known many people with visa issues.. I believe you are a truthful, honest person who deserves the best...as well as having the best intentions towards others. While I am in Texas and have can not offer support at this time...I do know a few people in California and Oregon who may be able to help you...I am sending your post/email to them momentarily. Are there any other states have an interest in regarding living/working etc.? Please let me know and I will see what I can do to connect you with assistance.

Also, please keep us up to date regarding your situation.


D. Virgillo

Thank you for your kind comment and help, i appreciate it, most of the comments here and the e-mails i got made me consider somewhere else, when i posted this post i only saw California in my head even though i don't mind going elsewhere at all.

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