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A lot of people seem to be unaware that companies survive by satisficing. That is, you don't have to do everything "right" to succeed in business. You just have to do most things well enough to not fail (don't break the law, don't forget to file your paperwork, pay your bills, etc.), and a few (one?) things outstandingly enough to win customers.

We've been brought up in school to think we have to get nearly every answer right on the test in order to get a good grade (and get more than half of the answers right just to not flunk out). In the real world, getting one right answer, and not screwing the rest up too badly is often enough (and sometimes only barely achievable!).

So maybe your competitor did something "stupid" because they're stupid, or maybe it's because that thing doesn't actually matter that much, and they're focused on doing something else incredibly well instead.

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