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If you want to optimize for money, I would recommend Zurich. It is the only place in Europe where net salaries compare to NYC or the Bay-Area.

If you are interested in moving here, shoot me a mail. Alternatively, check out my blogpost on medium: "Eight reasons why I moved to Switzerland" (https://medium.com/@iwaninzurich/eight-reasons-why-i-moved-t...)

I agree but I want to bat for Sweden too. Wages are lower, but you don't have to pay for health insurance at all, all medical care is free and high quality. Also, Switzerland is not a member of the E.U. But Switzerland is great, I hear from relatives living there.

"Also, Switzerland is not a member of the E.U." You're saying this as if it would be a bad thing...

Also, paying 300-500 CHF per month for health insurance out of pocket might sound not to bad considering the fact that your net-salary is probably 3000 CHF higher here. (In Switzerland you pay 16-22% as income-taxes compared to 60% in Sweden).

I wonder if it is easy for non UE citezens who live in EU

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