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Personally, I'd go to the European Union. There are a few very good reasons:

- Once you get citizenship in one country, you can freely work on any of the other countries, or move there and live there. Creating a much bigger area of opportunity for jobs. You could have citizenship in France, and work at a cool startup in Amsterdam

- Though it causes a lot of political instability currently (immigrants constantly drowning in the ocean, trying to get across), getting a visa here isn't that hard, especially when you're from a conflict zone and can show you have a good chance to get a job.

- Europe is pretty awesome.

I agree with your points, but one small nitpick: the US is almost as big as the whole EU - 300M vs. 500M citizens. So it's not much larger area of opportunity, just a little bit larger.

167% the size of the US is more than a little bit, non?

Same order of magnitude. EU and US each have their pros and cons. But the EU is absolutely worth considering.

Also there is no language barrier in the US.

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