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Here are my suggestions.

1. Take a deep breath and be calm. It will be ok. You have a visa which is the option to move. you are in a good place already.

2. Think of the most stable (infrastructure and cost wise) country you can access visa free, go there and try getting a remote position in the US. With that, you can fun living a fairly stable life in the mean time.

3. DO NOT risk your B1/B2 by trying to trick the system. Aim for a maximum of 4 months/year in the US on it.

4. With your B1/B2 you can travel to Mexico and Turkey for a while too.

Finally, DO NOT risk your B1/B2 and always have a decent reason when entering. the paper you have in your passport is merely for the CHANCE to gain entry at the immigration border and not a visa in itself.

It will be ok bud!

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