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What you can do is to move to country like Ecuador (Cuenca, let's say) or Thailand, or Indonesia (Bali), or Phillipines. It's relatively easy to live there on a long term.

You can find a job on oDesk (upwork now). I did it before, I earned $3K/month and worked 5 hours a day only. It's a good money for these countries (well and for US too).

Just work remotely, live there, save money. One day you'll find a job and will legally move to U.S. (seems like you'll be qualified after 9 years of professional experience).

If you want to work in Indonesia or Thailand you need a local company to sponsor your visa and work permit, which makes remote work tricky. In years past you used to be able to just leave the country every 60 days or whatever and hop right back over the border, but you can't get away with that these days.

Doesn't make any sense, but that's how it is.

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