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Unfortunately this is most certainly in violation of immigration laws. And chances are at some point, you will be banned from entering the US for a minimum of 10 years. I actually know 2 people that this happened to, one of them a personal friend of mine. Immigration/Customs officials do not need proof to ban you, all they need to do is suspect it. If you enter the US with no plan, no money, etc, they will suspect, rightfully so, that you are working in violation of your visa and you will get banned on the spot, especially if you visit so often.

My suggestion is to not do this. Enter as a tourist and enjoy your time in the US. If you want to work in the US, do it legally. Do work on an open source project and try to network and get a job that that way. Maybe try to join a huge company like Google or Facebook from abroad and transfer. That's your best way, especially if you get an L1 visa.

I suspect you are on a BUsiness (B-1?) visa and what you propose to do, even if no cash exchanges hands is considered compensation and therefore employment. As others have pointed out, you could end up in serious trouble with US immigration authorities- the 10 year ban is just the beginning, it could end up with a lifetime ban!

It is just not worth the risk and definitely not someone of your caliber needs to. There are other countries where you could fare better. Perhaps Canada?

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