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Now you mentioned it also passed my mind to scrap DOM and use my own gui, lots of advantages but im worried it will slow down the development. Indeed all the timeline editor is a canvas. Its worthy to consider it.

Doing your own GUI affords a lot of advantages in terms of how you structure your code. As soon as you decide to render every frame you can take advantage of immediate mode techniques that work very well in editors IMO (unfortunately, many of the examples of using and implementing these online are not very good and imply restrictions that are not inherent with the technique...).

That said you seem to be far enough along that redoing the GUI would not be a good idea really.

Also the DOM is a fairly okay retained mode UI, so if that is your preference I would just use it.

But i have stumble in so many problems thanks to the DOM inconsistencies. more time spend in DOM problems than webgl problems

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