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But Don't Shoot the Dog! ;-)


This is actually a very fun read about conditioning - no matter if you have a cat or dog. I've read it quite a while ago, and I remember that conditioning cats is not that difficult, as long as you stick to positive rewards. Punishment doesn't work.

For those who think this will be abused for manupilating people - that's what we do all day no matter if we read this book or not. It's just the way you do it, and that probably won't change by reading this book. It will teach you a lot about your own behavior.

I've taken a chance and decided to trust you. So I've ordered this book, don't let me down random internet stranger!

Book recommendations from random hn users has changed my life. 4 hour body in particular.

For dog training I really like Michael Ellis from Leerburg.com. His free videos are really all you need, some of the paid dvds can be repetitive, but ultimately he keeps up with the latest trends and I think is amazing with dogs. Everyone has their own theory it seems though..

Would you recommend 4 hour body to someone who is generally put off by Ferriss' writing style and ego-centricity?

I've never read the book but searched for it on Amazon, "8,283 of 8,919 people found the following review helpful":


"(1) It takes more than 4 hours a month in the gym to have a great body. I'm sorry, it just does. Mr. Ferriss recommends performing 2-3 SETS, for a total of less than 30 reps, per WEEK, to get a great body. Ask any athlete, bodybuilder, trainer... not enough. Not even close."

"(2) Almost all the supplements recommended in 4HB have never been scientifically proven to do what Mr. Ferriss claims they do."

The first review is pretty terrible though. You don't need exercise to have a "great" body. Abs are made in the kitchen. It literally requires 0 hours at the gym to get to 10-15% body fat. Exercise helps burn more calories but it's still about consume less than you burn.

The reason why four hour body and other related diets work is mainly because proteins and fats are more filling than carbs and not as calorically dense so you throw yourself into a caloric deficit.

The rep argument is a red herring. Doing 40 reps on a 10 pound dumbbell is insignificant. Doing 10 reps on a 40lb weight is a workout all on its own.

Supplements like fish oil work great!

I read the book and I recommend it! It's like a good basics guide. If you want to learn more it get under 10 percent body fat you may want to read into the topic further (read into ketosis) but just as a

Disregard the reviews. Trust me. Take a leap of faith and check it out. I don't have a magazine body, but I did lose 50lbs 4 years ago already and they aren't coming back.

It's faterday saturday btw, "on top of the world eating doughnuts, its a mother fucking cheat day, so what?" -Murs

Yes! I haven't read any of his books all the way through, and I do find a lot of the podcast stuff pretentious. But this book changed my life, some of my friends lives and some of my family members. I think its a great start to learning to eat healthy and the easiest way to lose weight for sure. Let me know if you tinker with the diet, I would be interested in your results.

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