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As soon as you start trusting other people's code and reusing things (eg, don't write your own carousel) you can start building cool stuff on top of other people's work. This editor is standing on the shoulders of litegl.js.

Other people? Javi Agenjo is the author of both WebGLStudio and litegl.js :)

The readme says litegl is a fork: https://github.com/jagenjo/litegl.js/tree/master#readme

Evan Wallace should get some credit. Evan created that fantastic WebGL Water demo.



True, without his lightgl library this project wont exist, but the first thing I did was to strip all the things I didnt like and improve from there. There is hardly any function in litegl that remains unchanged from lighgl.

Is he? I didn't realise. Talented guy.

Litegl grew as the requirements of webglstudio grew. I encourage my students to do not use lubraries so they have full control of ehat they do. Thanks for the compliment :)

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