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yep, its a placeholder name, I will change it as soon as a nice name comes to my mind.

Something related to light or rooms seems to be the norm (Blender, Studio, Cinema, Lightwave).

How about "Photon Studio", "Sunshine 3D" or "Lightbulb"?

It is not a 3D modeling tool, rather this is a Game Engine. Thus Unity, Unreal Engine, etc is the more proper naming style to follow.

Hahah those names also came to my mind, as frame, glow, lux. But havent decided. Thanks!

"Decahedron.js". From the three-dimensional variant of the decagon, the symbolic shape of a spider web.

Mmh, yes, sorry, I'm bored. :)

Too long!

You could always go with the short "d10.js" if you want to add another level of abstraction.

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