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Even though the rendering performance is very snappy and efficient, to me this fails on the most important thing for this sort of software - UI. Can you imagine someone totally new to 3D modelling opening this thing and just going for it? It's completely unintuitive and yet, because it's so accessible that should've been the primary concern.

But it is not a 3d modelling software, it is a 3D scene editor, like Unity. Improving the interface is the easy part, for me the important aspect was to be sure that all the important features are there, so now I can focus on improving the experience.

Exactly. 3D engine !== 3D modeling tool. If you are interested in a WebGL-based 3D modeling too, give http://Clara.io a try.:)

BTW we should figure out a way to connect Clara.io to WebGLStudio as it can be a source of content, both models as well as 3D animations (Clara.io has a full keyframe editor.)

Nice suggestion. Worth considerin

Is there any 3D modeling software that is intuitive enough for a beginner to jump in start creating 3D scenes? The barrier to entry and learning curve of 3D modeling has always been high and steep.

ZBrush and Wings3D. Completely different, but both are super easy to start with.

I dont know about Wings3D that is probably casual tool. But ZBrush? Are you sure? ZBrush is notorious for its crazy learning curve. I mean sure you can do something with it instantly but to make something meaningful is hard.

Besides you should compare it to game engines like unity or ue4, its very differend thing than 3D modeler.

Wings3D is not a casual tool. It is a fully featured 3d modeling application that does that very well. It works on the box modelling principle. ZBrush is really easy to get into and make something instantly like you say, but yes it's really difficult to learn. I started with Wings3D and still use it.


UI is following standard practices in 3D applications from what I've seen so far. It's intuitive for someone used to those apps. Those apps aren't something you dive straight into though. It has a learning curve, but it is logical.

Yep. I did t want to reinvent how these tools work. Most of the ideas come from cinema4D after effects and unity

My first thought was Nuke :) Maybe because of too much use, in my case.

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