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Sounds like Marissa Mayer took Google's stack-ranking machinery and replicated, awful detail by awful detail. What a queynte.

At Google, the bottom categories are rarely used and "Meets Expectations" is a huge window (3.0-3.4) from the 3rd to 65th percentile. Since you only get your bucket, your manager could be saying that he's giving you a perfectly respectable 3.4, while actually raping you in the ass with a 3.0.

Often, you have managers who give the 3.0 and 3.1 to keep reports immobile (they can't transfer) while conveying that they are getting average or average-plus scores. But whenever there's a witch-hunt-I-mean-dishonest-layoff-I-mean-"Low Performer Initiative" those people given 3.0s get hit with PIPs, which is not what even their managers wanted.

We've banned this account. Calling Marissa Mayer a cunt is an egregious violation of the civility that HN requires. (Using an archaic spelling doesn't change that, it just makes it weird.) No one gets to do this here.

I told you just three days ago that if you wouldn't or couldn't stop doing this, I would ban your account [1]. This comes after more warnings, reminders, cajolings, and please-dont's than anyone has received in the history of HN by a long shot. It's painfully evident that you won't or can't stop, and it's time we applied the rules equally.

1. https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=9994684

Edit: the parent comment was killed by user flags. We didn't delete it or moderate it.

Good job dang. You continue to make HN more of an echo chamber.

The real reason why michaelochurch was banned: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=10011017 .

No. I don't know what that comment means, but presumably it's a sophomoric joke, and we don't ban people for that.

The reasons are the ones I gave and have given many times.

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