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Scientists unravel how the immune checkpoint protein PD-L2 is regulated (tus.ac.jp)
1 point by rustoo 20 days ago | past
“Love Hormone” Oxytocin Could Be Used to Treat Disorders Like Alzheimer's (tus.ac.jp)
2 points by rustoo 27 days ago | past
A Micro-Lab on a Chip Detects Blood Type Within Minutes (tus.ac.jp)
1 point by rustoo 29 days ago | past
Observation of the Quantum Spin Liquid State in Novel Material (tus.ac.jp)
1 point by rustoo 33 days ago | past
No Keys to the Kingdom: New Single Sign-On Algorithm Provides Superior Privacy (tus.ac.jp)
5 points by rustoo 42 days ago | past
Efficient Laser Technique Can Convert Cellulose into Biofuel (tus.ac.jp)
1 point by rustoo 48 days ago | past
Newly Synthesized Fungal Compound Can Switch on Self-Destruct Button for Cancer (tus.ac.jp)
1 point by rustoo 61 days ago | past
Wiring the Quantum Computer of the Future: Novel Simple Build with Existing Tech (tus.ac.jp)
2 points by rustoo 89 days ago | past
A Radar for Plastic: High-Resolution Map of 1km Grids to Track Emissions in Seas (tus.ac.jp)
2 points by rustoo 3 months ago | past
Rust and Light a Possible Answer to the Conundrum of Hydrogen Fuel Production (tus.ac.jp)
2 points by clouddrover 5 months ago | past
Masking the memory of fear: Treating anxiety disorders such as PTSD with opioid (tus.ac.jp)
1 point by rustoo 5 months ago | past
Studying Electrons, Bridging Two Realms of Physics (tus.ac.jp)
1 point by rustoo 5 months ago | past
Recently discovered chlorophyll molecule could be key to better solar cells (tus.ac.jp)
1 point by rustoo 6 months ago | past
No more traffic blues for information transfer: decongesting wireless channels (tus.ac.jp)
1 point by rustoo 9 months ago | past
Scientists crack the code to improve stress tolerance in plants (tus.ac.jp)
1 point by rustoo on Aug 6, 2019 | past
New giant virus may help scientists better understand emergence of complex life [pdf] (tus.ac.jp)
4 points by rustoo on Apr 27, 2019 | past
Sugar Batteries Could Store 20% More Energy Than Li-Ions (tus.ac.jp)
5 points by tambourine_man on Sept 28, 2012 | past | 3 comments

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