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The Spanish government prepares to implement facial recognition tech (translate.google.com)
1 point by rinze 17 days ago | past
UK company sold raw location data collected from Norwegian phones (translate.google.com)
1 point by henriklied 3 months ago | past
Covid-19: autopsies reveal the vascular dimension of the disease (translate.google.com)
1 point by graeme 3 months ago | past
Italy PM Conte: 'We are closing down all non-essential businesses.' (translate.google.com)
1 point by devit 4 months ago | past
Sugar, the enemy of sleep and good humor (translate.google.com)
9 points by based2 6 months ago | past
A social network designed by Mœbius (Jean Giraud) in 1999 (Translated) (translate.google.com)
1 point by aresant 6 months ago | past
Taxi ride in Flanders? Legally mandated fifteen minute wait (translate.google.com)
1 point by markvdb 6 months ago | past | 1 comment
China's Jiangsu Province only has 17 people remaining in poverty (translate.google.com)
1 point by datashow 7 months ago | past
Instagram censors pro-Iranian statements (translate.google.com)
1 point by sleepyhead 7 months ago | past
German police successfully trains dogs to find hidden USB flash drives by smell (translate.google.com)
2 points by teinac 7 months ago | past | 1 comment
A brief and 146% accurate history of programming languages (translate.google.com)
2 points by cb504 7 months ago | past | 1 comment
The extra-territoriality of American law is a weapon of economic war (translate.google.com)
3 points by tangue 7 months ago | past | 1 comment
German poll: Trump is the biggest threat to world peace (translate.google.com)
3 points by DyslexicAtheist 7 months ago | past
French electric company cuts power to Amazon distribution center (translate.google.com)
15 points by bgilroy26 7 months ago | past | 6 comments
Germany's Ministry of Defense Is Building a FOSS Encrypted Messenger on Matrix (translate.google.com)
6 points by Arathorn 7 months ago | past
Founder of Sci-Hub Spat in the Face of the SPb University’s Ethics Committee (translate.google.com)
2 points by boramalper 7 months ago | past
AIVD ( Dutch Secret Service) Christmas puzzle 2019: statements and answer form (translate.google.com)
3 points by the-dude 7 months ago | past
Rambler claims exclusive rights violation on Nginx (translate.google.com)
5 points by mariopt 8 months ago | past
Early Agitator, Now Unicorn (translate.google.com)
1 point by DyslexicAtheist 8 months ago | past
Google Kills Translator Kit (translate.google.com)
2 points by MordodeMaru 8 months ago | past
One out of six employees in Bergen Municipality, Norway, got phished in pentest (translate.google.com)
1 point by torvald 8 months ago | past | 1 comment
Julian Assange: Sweden drops rape allegation (translate.google.com)
9 points by FabianBeiner 8 months ago | past
Facebook rejects advertisement biography Ahmed Aboutaleb (politician) (translate.google.com)
1 point by Bootvis 8 months ago | past
Germanys Finance Committee Forces Apple to Open NFC APIs via New Legislature (translate.google.com)
3 points by Roritharr 8 months ago | past | 2 comments
Google creates 1,500 new jobs in Munich (translate.google.com)
2 points by muehlbau 9 months ago | past
Chinese president indentifies blockchain as breakthrough for innovation (translate.google.com)
1 point by logicchains 9 months ago | past
Government: Police should hack mobiles and deploy Trojans (translate.google.com)
3 points by T-A 9 months ago | past
Hacker discovering data breach asks for park tickets gets charged with extortion (translate.google.com)
2 points by bartkappenburg 9 months ago | past
Major French Paper Drops All Ad Trackers (translate.google.com)
4 points by BeniBoy 10 months ago | past
EU Parliament Denied MPs the Installation of the Signal Messenger (Translated) (translate.google.com)
1 point by simjue 10 months ago | past

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