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First Test Flight of Skyborg's “Computer Brain” Flown on Loyal Wingman Drone (thedrive.com)
2 points by akeck 2 days ago | past | discuss
Researchers Used a Drone and a WiFi Dongle to Break into a Tesla (thedrive.com)
5 points by tomohawk 2 days ago | past | discuss
Stockpile of Unfinished Ford Pickups Missing Chips Is Now Visible from Space (thedrive.com)
9 points by goohex 3 days ago | past | discuss
With No Ejection Seats, Skyknight Fighter Crews Slid Down a Tunnel (thedrive.com)
4 points by ivanech 4 days ago | past | 1 comment
Automaker Calls Police on YouTuber for Complaining About Their New Car (thedrive.com)
1 point by quyleanh 4 days ago | past | discuss
Turkey Now Has High-Speed Missile-Like Drone That’s Launched from a Larger Drone (thedrive.com)
6 points by throwaway888abc 5 days ago | past | discuss
Crash in Iraq Helps Unmask Secretive Special Operations Drone Program (thedrive.com)
2 points by SEJeff 5 days ago | past | discuss
Toyota’s Hydrogen-Powered Engine Sounds Pretty Damn Good (thedrive.com)
2 points by clouddrover 7 days ago | past | 1 comment
Biggest aircraft flies for first time since Paul Allen's death (thedrive.com)
1 point by graderjs 7 days ago | past | discuss
Remembering the Time Grumman Helped Craft a Modern Fighter for China (thedrive.com)
2 points by pseudolus 8 days ago | past | discuss
Gran Turismo Is Now an Official Olympic Sport (thedrive.com)
13 points by sndean 9 days ago | past | 3 comments
Some Tesla Owners Surprised by Taxes on Referral Program Prizes (thedrive.com)
3 points by samizdis 10 days ago | past | 1 comment
How the Swiss Transport Mining Trucks Thousands of Feet Up to Alpine Zones (thedrive.com)
1 point by tomohawk 17 days ago | past
Our First Ever Look at a Top Secret Soviet Space 'Missile' (thedrive.com)
2 points by pseudolus 17 days ago | past
Musk Denies Autopilot Use in Fatal Crash Where Police Claim 'No One Was Driving' (thedrive.com)
1 point by throw0101a 19 days ago | past | 1 comment
Army Training Outlines Ways to Give Soldiers Superhuman-Like Sensory Perception (thedrive.com)
2 points by throwaway888abc 20 days ago | past | 1 comment
Adversary Drones Are Spying on the U.S. and the Pentagon Acts Like They're UFOs (thedrive.com)
53 points by visviva 24 days ago | past | 9 comments
Today's F-35As Not Worth Including in High-End War Games (thedrive.com)
12 points by croutonwagon 27 days ago | past | 2 comments
Turkish police get their own attack helicopters (thedrive.com)
39 points by samizdis 29 days ago | past | 21 comments
South Korea's New KF-21 “Hawk” Indigenous Fighter Jet (thedrive.com)
2 points by carabiner 30 days ago | past
Toyota Unveils New L2 Driver Assist That Can Change Lanes, Pass Cars on Highway (thedrive.com)
9 points by sndean 31 days ago | past | 1 comment
Army Wants Networked Mines That Leap Up to Attack Tanks from Above (thedrive.com)
1 point by samizdis 32 days ago | past | 2 comments
Saab Has Begun Testing 3D Printing to Repair Battle-Damaged Fighter Jets (thedrive.com)
2 points by clouddrover 38 days ago | past
Army Makes Gargantuan Bet on New Augmented Reality Goggles for Its Soldiers (thedrive.com)
2 points by clouddrover 38 days ago | past
Most Secretive 737 Just Showed Its Self over the Mojave Desert (thedrive.com)
3 points by graderjs 39 days ago | past | 1 comment
Tesla's EPA Driving Ranges Didn't Hold Up to Testing. Again Still Fell Short (thedrive.com)
3 points by tomohawk 40 days ago | past
Signs Point to Imminent Debut Flight of the Air Force's First Hypersonic Missile (thedrive.com)
2 points by SEJeff 41 days ago | past | 1 comment
Tesla's EPA Driving Ranges Didn't Hold Up to Testing (thedrive.com)
74 points by samizdis 41 days ago | past | 85 comments
Canada’s CF-105 Arrow Interceptor Is the Cold War Legend That Refuses to Die (thedrive.com)
2 points by pseudolus 42 days ago | past
Three Russian Ballistic Missile Submarines Just Surfaced Through the Arctic Ice (thedrive.com)
7 points by jonbaer 43 days ago | past

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