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TerrAvion (YC W14) seeks embedded software eng to develop remote sensing fleet (terravion.com)
6 months ago
TerrAvion (YC W14) Is Hiring: Build the hardware that monitors agriculture (terravion.com)
7 months ago
TerrAvion (YC W14) is hiring an internal tools engineer (terravion.com)
on Feb 13, 2018
Feed two billion people with TerrAvion (YC W14) (terravion.com)
on Apr 8, 2017
Build the infrastructure to feed 10B middle class people (TerrAvion W14) (terravion.com)
on Nov 1, 2016
Use computer vision to create the future of agriculture with TerrAvion (YC W14) (terravion.com)
on Oct 12, 2016

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