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Standard (YC S17) Is Hiring Rust/Go Engineers, SREs, and MLEs (standard.ai)
14 days ago
Standard (YC S17) Is Hiring SREs and Rust Infra Engineers, US and Europe (standard.ai)
28 days ago
Standard (YC S17) Is Hiring SREs and MLEs, US and Europe (Remote) (standard.ai)
35 days ago
Standard Raises $150M in Its Series C, Becomes First Autonomous Checkout Unicorn (standard.ai)
2 points by alexkehayias 9 months ago | past
University of Houston Partners with Standard to Open Checkout-Free Experience (standard.ai)
2 points by maytc on Oct 9, 2020 | past
Standard View and React-Three-Fiber Context Bridge (standard.ai)
3 points by maytc on Aug 26, 2020 | past
Standard (YC S17) is hiring to build the next revolution in automation (standard.ai)
on Nov 15, 2018
Enabling autonomous checkout for brick & mortar retailers using AI (standard.ai)
2 points by dsr12 on Sept 9, 2018 | past

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