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United States wants HTTPS for all government sites, all the time (sophos.com)
158 points by el_duderino 47 days ago | past | 87 comments
Glupteba – the malware that gets secret messages from the Bitcoin blockchain (sophos.com)
2 points by GiulioS 47 days ago | past
eBay staff charged with cyberstalking, sending fetal pig and spiders (sophos.com)
1 point by joering2 55 days ago | past
Nuclear missile contractor hacked in Maze ransomware attack (sophos.com)
12 points by tartoran 68 days ago | past
GitHub uncovers malicious 'Octopus Scanner' targeting developers (sophos.com)
2 points by luord 68 days ago | past
GitHub uncovers malicious ‘Octopus Scanner’ targeting developers (sophos.com)
4 points by gwbas1c 69 days ago | past
Google sued by Arizona for tracking users’ locations in spite of settings (sophos.com)
12 points by badRNG 72 days ago | past
Ransomware deploys virtual machine to dodge security (sophos.com)
2 points by curiousgal 80 days ago | past
Ragnar Locker ransomware deploys virtual machine to dodge security (sophos.com)
7 points by eric_h 82 days ago | past
Woman stalked by sandwich server via her Covid-19 contact tracing info (sophos.com)
122 points by el_duderino 89 days ago | past | 81 comments
GoDaddy – “unauthorized individual” had access to login info (sophos.com)
11 points by bhartzer 3 months ago | past | 1 comment
Signal: We’ll be eaten alive by EARN IT Act’s anti-encryption wolves (sophos.com)
3 points by ASVVVAD 3 months ago | past
Zero Day Trojan Exploits Sophos Firewalls (sophos.com)
2 points by bashtoni 3 months ago | past
309M Facebook users' phone numbers found online (sophos.com)
1 point by Alex3917 3 months ago | past
Fan vibrations can be used to transmit data from air-gapped machines (sophos.com)
1 point by caution 3 months ago | past
Sandboxie is now an open source tool (sophos.com)
7 points by miles 4 months ago | past
Sandboxie Open Source Code is available for download (sophos.com)
4 points by based2 4 months ago | past | 1 comment
Thousands of Android apps contain undocumented backdoors, study finds (sophos.com)
4 points by notRobot 4 months ago | past
Hackers’ forum hacked, OGUsers database dumped (sophos.com)
2 points by Farbodkhz 4 months ago | past
Firefox 76 will have option to enforce HTTPS-only connections (sophos.com)
2 points by miked85 4 months ago | past
EU raises eyebrows at possible US encryption ban (sophos.com)
8 points by Liriel 4 months ago | past | 1 comment
Data of millions of eBay and Amazon shoppers exposed (sophos.com)
22 points by miked85 4 months ago | past
Earn IT Act threatens end-to-end encryption (sophos.com)
28 points by just-juan-post 5 months ago | past | 1 comment
Brave browser to block fingerprinting with randomization (sophos.com)
24 points by luord 5 months ago | past | 1 comment
TRRespass research reveals rowhammering is alive and well (sophos.com)
1 point by mdriley 5 months ago | past
It's not a breach It's just that someone else has your data (sophos.com)
3 points by luord 5 months ago | past
Why 3M Let’s Encrypt certificates are being killed off today (sophos.com)
3 points by mellowhype 5 months ago | past
SSL/TLS certificate validity chopped down to one year by Apple’s Safari (sophos.com)
1 point by joseluisq 5 months ago | past | 1 comment
‘Cloud Snooper’ Attack Bypasses Firewall Security Measures (sophos.com)
3 points by KoenDG 5 months ago | past
Ransomware attack forces 2-day shutdown of natural gas pipeline (sophos.com)
2 points by ohjeez 5 months ago | past

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