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Musk sells $9.9B Tesla shares to avoid Twitter fire sale (smh.com.au)
3 points by matthewsinclair 3 days ago | past | discuss
Banning phones in school has dramatic results (smh.com.au)
19 points by grzm 5 days ago | past | 5 comments
Facebook owner Meta missing in action at crucial Treasury talks (smh.com.au)
3 points by donohoe 6 days ago | past | discuss
Sydney high school bans phones with dramatic results (smh.com.au)
7 points by shswkna 6 days ago | past | 8 comments
‘Never seen anything like it’: The volcano blast that altered the atmosphere (smh.com.au)
2 points by andrewinardeer 8 days ago | past | discuss
The worst butt-dial in history (smh.com.au)
3 points by contingencies 14 days ago | past
Guerilla Gardening: On the Verge of a Revolution (smh.com.au)
3 points by lioeters 15 days ago | past
Shopify culls Australian staff in late night email (smh.com.au)
2 points by qwerki 17 days ago | past
Dumb luck? No way. The billion-dollar smarts of the 'For Dummies' empire (smh.com.au)
1 point by herbertl 37 days ago | past | 1 comment
Mystery rocket crashed into the moon – and no one (on Earth) is owning up (smh.com.au)
3 points by matthewsinclair 46 days ago | past | 1 comment
iPhone autocorrect driving you crazy lately? You're not alone (smh.com.au)
2 points by ideksec 50 days ago | past | 2 comments
Who gets fired over social media posts? We studied hundreds of cases to find out (smh.com.au)
2 points by nreece 50 days ago | past | 1 comment
New South Wales Government to ban use and posession of encrypted devices (smh.com.au)
15 points by femto 51 days ago | past | 14 comments
Australian government lobbying behind the scenes for Assange's freedom (smh.com.au)
7 points by contingencies 55 days ago | past | 1 comment
Major retailers using facial recognition technology on unsuspecting customers (smh.com.au)
3 points by rapnie 57 days ago | past
Neurotoxic peptides in SARS-COV2: potential implications in ‘brain fog’ (smh.com.au)
2 points by MKais 58 days ago | past
Major retailers creating “face prints” of their customers (smh.com.au)
7 points by CarrieLab 58 days ago | past
Vladimir Putin, in speech, hints at further territorial expansion for Russia (smh.com.au)
95 points by rntn 63 days ago | past | 203 comments
The odd couple: How Elon Musk’s fixer takes care of the world’s biggest fortune (smh.com.au)
15 points by rmason 71 days ago | past
For your ears only: What’s behind Havana syndrome (smh.com.au)
2 points by andrewinardeer 78 days ago | past
The Winklevoss twins have fortunes riding on crypto comeback (smh.com.au)
2 points by marban 79 days ago | past | 2 comments
How low can you go? The golden rule of kakonomics (2013) (smh.com.au)
2 points by dade 79 days ago | past | 1 comment
Chinese community in Australia vote against tough on China party (smh.com.au)
3 points by holografix 80 days ago | past | 10 comments
‘Extortion’: Why Web3 is making a lot of software developers angry (smh.com.au)
70 points by mwattsun 85 days ago | past | 165 comments
We’re living with Covid but more of us are dying than ever (smh.com.au)
1 point by johntfella 3 months ago | past
Global warming changing the wines Australia can make (smh.com.au)
2 points by GlennS 3 months ago | past
Australia spent a million dollars training me – and now I’m leaving (smh.com.au)
1 point by sohkamyung 3 months ago | past
Goblin Mode (smh.com.au)
1 point by graderjs 4 months ago | past
26M people in lockdown after thousands of asymptomatic Omicron cases in Shanghai (smh.com.au)
3 points by walterbell 4 months ago | past
Australian judge sends Google for prosecution for not deleting defamatory videos (smh.com.au)
1 point by softveda 4 months ago | past

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