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The 'Bugs Are 100x More Expensive to Fix in Production' Study Might Not Exist (slashdot.org)
2 points by waldekm 15 hours ago | past | discuss
Florida's fired Covid-19 data manager is now running for Congress (slashdot.org)
7 points by MilnerRoute 6 days ago | past | discuss
Rob Pike on Computing (2004) (slashdot.org)
2 points by pcr910303 26 days ago | past
Rocky Linux 8.4 achieves first General Availability release, proves popular (slashdot.org)
21 points by MilnerRoute 27 days ago | past | 1 comment
A Bunch of Google Drive Links Are About to Be Broken (slashdot.org)
1 point by nixass 30 days ago | past
On Juneteenth, Tech-Backed Code.org Reports 0% of Its SW Engineers Are Black (slashdot.org)
2 points by rvz 35 days ago | past | 3 comments
Linus Torvalds Tells Anti-Vaxxer to Shut Up on Linux Mailing List (slashdot.org)
2 points by ValentineC 39 days ago | past
Also leaving Freenode: FSF, GNU, plus Linux and Python support channels (slashdot.org)
91 points by MilnerRoute 41 days ago | past | 25 comments
Apple, Mozilla, Google, Microsoft Form Group to Standardize Browser Plug-Ins (slashdot.org)
2 points by astroanax 49 days ago | past
Senate Preparing $10B Bailout Fund for Jeff Bezos Space Firm (slashdot.org)
3 points by 1cvmask 54 days ago | past
Florida Health Dept. investigated, fired data manager gets whistleblower status (slashdot.org)
6 points by MilnerRoute 55 days ago | past | 2 comments
What Python creator Guido van Rossum thinks of Rust, Go, Julia, and TypeScript (slashdot.org)
27 points by MilnerRoute 61 days ago | past | 20 comments
Slashdot interview with Rob Pike (2004) (slashdot.org)
2 points by todsacerdoti 63 days ago | past
Zero Day Found for Universal Turing Machine (CVE-2021-32471) (slashdot.org)
2 points by masijo 69 days ago | past
Berkshire Hathaway's Stock Price Is Too Much for Computers (slashdot.org)
2 points by hellogoodbye 80 days ago | past
With a Rare Nighttime Splashdown, SpaceX Returns Four ISS Astronauts to Earth (slashdot.org)
1 point by thebetatester 82 days ago | past
Humble Bundle Creator Brings Antitrust Lawsuit Against Valve over Steam (slashdot.org)
2 points by fhrow4484 84 days ago | past
Oculus Will Sell You a Quest 2 That Doesn't Need Facebook for an Extra $500 (slashdot.org)
2 points by thebetatester 85 days ago | past
Microsoft Is Changing the Default Office Font (slashdot.org)
2 points by thebetatester 86 days ago | past | 1 comment
Mystery Science Theatre 3000 Is Crowdfunding Another Comeback (slashdot.org)
17 points by thebetatester 89 days ago | past | 4 comments
China and Huawei's Dystopian 'New IP' Plan for 6G (slashdot.org)
3 points by thebetatester 3 months ago | past
Microsoft Edge Adds a 'Kids Mode' Limiting Browsing to 70 Web Sites (slashdot.org)
8 points by thebetatester 3 months ago | past | 6 comments
'Blistering' Note Reveals Secret Travails of Facebook's Content Moderators (slashdot.org)
2 points by sam0x17 3 months ago | past
Amazon Tried to Coerce Ecobee into Collecting Private User Data, the WSJ Reports (slashdot.org)
36 points by thebetatester 3 months ago | past | 4 comments
What Happens When You Have a Heart Attack on the Way to Mars? (slashdot.org)
4 points by thebetatester 3 months ago | past | 3 comments
WhatsApp Account Can Be Suspended by Anyone Who Has Your Phone Number (slashdot.org)
3 points by thebetatester 3 months ago | past
Critical Zoom Vulnerability Triggers Remote Code Execution Without User Input (slashdot.org)
2 points by thebetatester 3 months ago | past
Facebook Does Not Plan to Notify Half-Billion Users Affected by Data Leak (slashdot.org)
2 points by thebetatester 3 months ago | past
Google Illegally Tracking Android Users, According to New Complaint (slashdot.org)
8 points by thebetatester 3 months ago | past
LexisNexis to Provide Giant Database of Personal Information to ICE (slashdot.org)
25 points by thebetatester 3 months ago | past | 5 comments

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