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Taiwan’s TSMC joins American chip coalition (scmp.com)
4 points by cwan 1 day ago | past | 1 comment
Chinese AR startup develops smart glasses to help police catch suspects (scmp.com)
3 points by DLay 2 days ago | past | discuss
China’s small semiconductor players take centre stage at industry expo (scmp.com)
1 point by throwaway4good 2 days ago | past | discuss
China population: latest census confirms increase to 1.412B in 2020 (scmp.com)
1 point by graderjs 4 days ago | past | discuss
Cathie Wood:? Ark’s top stock picker (scmp.com)
2 points by paulpauper 4 days ago | past | discuss
Iron ore prices hit record as market mulls Beijing’s next move (scmp.com)
1 point by mooreds 4 days ago | past | discuss
‘Are you sleeping well?’China researchers alarmed by efforts to stifle criticism (scmp.com)
2 points by etiam 5 days ago | past | discuss
Before he lost US$20B, Hwang was greatest trader you had never heard of (scmp.com)
1 point by throwaway888abc 6 days ago | past | discuss
WHO gives emergency approval to China’s Sinopharm coronavirus vaccine (scmp.com)
3 points by throwaway4good 7 days ago | past | 1 comment
Honeywell fined for sharing military specs with China (scmp.com)
7 points by gautamcgoel 8 days ago | past | discuss
Intellectual property will be one of the key issues in the USA-China battle (scmp.com)
1 point by giuliomagnifico 9 days ago | past | discuss
Plastic pollution: Chinese scientists identify polythene-eating bacteria (scmp.com)
2 points by curmudgeon22 11 days ago | past | discuss
Kissinger warns China and US to guard against all-out AI conflict (scmp.com)
2 points by arcanus 13 days ago | past | discuss
How Xiaomi went from China’s hottest smartphone startup to lifestyle brand (scmp.com)
2 points by throwaway4good 14 days ago | past
US investigating possible directed-energy attack near White House (scmp.com)
4 points by etiam 15 days ago | past
Chinese provinces fall into line on super tall buildings ban (scmp.com)
7 points by harporoeder 15 days ago | past | 1 comment
Huawei reports second straight quarterly decline in sales as US sanctions hits (scmp.com)
1 point by throwaway4good 16 days ago | past | 5 comments
Chinese military tests Taiwan’s radar system with surface-level incursion (scmp.com)
4 points by etiam 17 days ago | past
SAMR opens antitrust probe into on-demand delivery firm Meituan (scmp.com)
1 point by graderjs 18 days ago | past
China can extend Hambantota port lease to 198 years (scmp.com)
2 points by fabatka 19 days ago | past
Chinese flock to new cryptocurrency resulting in HDD shortages and price surges (scmp.com)
8 points by velmu 19 days ago | past | 1 comment
China starts large-scale testing of its internet of the future (scmp.com)
5 points by advpetc 21 days ago | past
Everything you need to know about the US-China tech war and its impact (scmp.com)
1 point by throwaway4good 21 days ago | past
China facing economic crisis as population peak nears, PBOC adviser says (scmp.com)
3 points by paulpauper 22 days ago | past
British coronavirus variant may have come from dogs, researchers say (scmp.com)
2 points by throwaway4good 25 days ago | past
China may send peacekeeping force to Afghanistan after US troops leave (scmp.com)
9 points by cwwc 27 days ago | past | 2 comments
Indonesian trolls flood Thai gay wedding with death threats (scmp.com)
2 points by graderjs 28 days ago | past
China becomes world’s top semiconductor equipment market (scmp.com)
4 points by throwaway4good 29 days ago | past
China’s first facial-recognition lawsuit ends with new ruling and questions (scmp.com)
1 point by giuliomagnifico 30 days ago | past
Murderer kidnapped Chinese man to sell his body for cremation (scmp.com)
1 point by abbassi 30 days ago | past | 1 comment

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