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Cannabis – A state of the art about the millenary plant (2023) (sciencedirect.com)
1 point by mikeravkine 12 hours ago | past | discuss
Defining Long Duration Energy Storage (sciencedirect.com)
5 points by PaulHoule 22 hours ago | past | 1 comment
Energy discriminant analysis, quantum logic, and fuzzy sets (sciencedirect.com)
1 point by amts 3 days ago | past | discuss
Ecological impacts of (electrically assisted) mountain biking (sciencedirect.com)
1 point by PaulHoule 4 days ago | past | discuss
Food safety and security risks associated with micro- and nanoplastic pollution (sciencedirect.com)
1 point by PaulHoule 6 days ago | past | discuss
Aberrant connectivity before and after a suicide attempt:Markers of suicide risk (sciencedirect.com)
1 point by bookofjoe 10 days ago | past | discuss
The role of shame and guilt in social anxiety disorder (sciencedirect.com)
3 points by amelius 11 days ago | past | discuss
Detection of Human DNA in the Air (sciencedirect.com)
3 points by bookofjoe 13 days ago | past | 1 comment
Towards regenerative business models: A necessary shift? (sciencedirect.com)
3 points by alexzeitler 14 days ago | past
Nuclear fusion powered Titan aircraft (sciencedirect.com)
1 point by pinewurst 16 days ago | past
Estimates of bird collision mortality at wind facilities in the US (sciencedirect.com)
2 points by vixen99 16 days ago | past
Levelized cost estimates of solar photovoltaic electricity in the UK until 2035 (sciencedirect.com)
2 points by PaulHoule 16 days ago | past | 2 comments
Social Undermining as a dark side of symbolic rewards (sciencedirect.com)
2 points by PaulHoule 16 days ago | past
Round vs. precise % offers affect impasse risk in over 25M eBay negotiations (sciencedirect.com)
2 points by bookofjoe 17 days ago | past
People rate distinctly human attributes as essential after learning AI advances (sciencedirect.com)
2 points by orhmeh09 19 days ago | past
Water extraction from icy lunar simulants using low power microwave heating (sciencedirect.com)
1 point by PaulHoule 19 days ago | past
Warmth and competence predict receptivity to AI teammates (sciencedirect.com)
1 point by orhmeh09 19 days ago | past
Why people correct climate change misinformation on social media (sciencedirect.com)
2 points by orhmeh09 19 days ago | past | 1 comment
Perceived quality of IoT products has not improved over ten years (sciencedirect.com)
1 point by Fragoel2 20 days ago | past
Anticipating cognitive augmentation increases risk-taking behavior (sciencedirect.com)
2 points by orhmeh09 20 days ago | past
Consumer escapism: Scale development, validation, and physiological associations (sciencedirect.com)
1 point by rntn 26 days ago | past
Solid Air Hydrogen Liquification: The Missing Link of the Hydrogen Economy (sciencedirect.com)
2 points by PaulHoule 28 days ago | past
Wastewater surveillance for new psychoactive substances from 16 countries (sciencedirect.com)
2 points by rntn 28 days ago | past
Exercise and cardiovascular health: A state-of-the-art review (sciencedirect.com)
2 points by Brajeshwar 28 days ago | past
Linking early-life bilingualism and cognitive advantage in older adulthood (sciencedirect.com)
3 points by bookofjoe 30 days ago | past | 1 comment
No More Snake Oil: Architecting Agility Through Antifragility (2019) (sciencedirect.com)
2 points by sherilm 31 days ago | past
Personality Similarity and Relationship/Life Satisfaction in Romantic Couples (sciencedirect.com)
3 points by mpweiher 32 days ago | past
Native language differences in the structural connectome of the human brain (sciencedirect.com)
9 points by rntn 32 days ago | past
Corporate populism: How corporations construct and represent ‘the people‘ (sciencedirect.com)
1 point by mikae1 34 days ago | past
Get the light and keep the warmth – aerogel glass bricks for building envelopes (sciencedirect.com)
2 points by PaulHoule 35 days ago | past

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