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Tech Companies Should Plan for Hong Kong's Precarious Future (restofworld.org)
7 points by oedmarap 4 days ago | past | discuss
Japan’s virtual YouTubers have millions of real subscribers (restofworld.org)
2 points by leoschwartz 6 days ago | past | discuss
A baby-faced CEO turned a Farmville clone into a Ponzi scheme (restofworld.org)
52 points by gmays 9 days ago | past | 7 comments
Covid-19 didn’t kill Singapore’s UNESCO-listed food stalls. Delivery apps might (restofworld.org)
3 points by n2themainframe 11 days ago | past | discuss
A baby-faced CEO turned a Farmville clone into a Ponzi scheme (restofworld.org)
10 points by gbseventeen3331 11 days ago | past | 2 comments
Police in Latin America are turning activists’ phones against them (restofworld.org)
6 points by vinnyglennon 12 days ago | past | discuss
Why Cuba couldn’t control the internet (restofworld.org)
33 points by vinnyglennon 12 days ago | past | 15 comments
The six cities building the future of the global tech industry (restofworld.org)
2 points by rustoo 14 days ago | past
Chile's new “mental privacy” laws would lead the way in protecting neuro-rights (restofworld.org)
13 points by giuliomagnifico 15 days ago | past
Police in Latin America are turning activists’ phones against them (restofworld.org)
8 points by hobbesthompson 16 days ago | past
Beyond Silicon Valley: The six cities building the future (restofworld.org)
4 points by adrian_mrd 16 days ago | past
Did Cuba shut down the internet to quell protests? (restofworld.org)
4 points by donohoe 18 days ago | past
The most successful global tech bets are efficient and practical startups (restofworld.org)
100 points by sorenKaram 18 days ago | past | 43 comments
From KPop stan to keyboard warrior:the activists battling Myanmar military junta (restofworld.org)
2 points by homarp 19 days ago | past | 1 comment
Jordan’s government recorded Clubhouse audio to spread disinformation (restofworld.org)
4 points by donohoe 20 days ago | past
We need to regulate mind-reading tech before it exists (restofworld.org)
6 points by n2themainframe 23 days ago | past
From K-Pop stan to keyboard warrior: the activists battling Myanmar’s junta (restofworld.org)
2 points by gbseventeen3331 23 days ago | past
Tech contractors are organizing and facing violent threats in the Philippines (restofworld.org)
2 points by samizdis 24 days ago | past
Nigeria can solve its tech talent gap (restofworld.org)
3 points by atlasunshrugged 25 days ago | past
How PetaBencana is helping Indonesian authorities respond more quickly (restofworld.org)
1 point by Cream-Corn-11 27 days ago | past | 1 comment
“Amazon Go Back”: Meet the Indian Merchant Waging War on Jeff Bezos (restofworld.org)
1 point by MilnerRoute 29 days ago | past
Hi, I’m Disaster Bot (restofworld.org)
3 points by donohoe 33 days ago | past
State in a Phone: Inside Ukraine's Effort to Replace Bureaucracy with an App (restofworld.org)
2 points by atlasunshrugged 33 days ago | past
The blackout Palestinians are facing on social media (restofworld.org)
419 points by 2939223 35 days ago | past | 267 comments
[flagged] I am Palestinian. Here’s how Israel silences us on social media (restofworld.org)
189 points by rguiscard 36 days ago | past | 75 comments
Zimbabwean teacher created a top tutoring academy on WhatsApp (restofworld.org)
1 point by sc90 36 days ago | past | 1 comment
Google automatically installed a Covid-19 tracker on phones in Costa Rica (restofworld.org)
57 points by donohoe 37 days ago | past | 6 comments
The Chinese content farms behind Factory TikTok (restofworld.org)
60 points by gbseventeen3331 38 days ago | past | 18 comments
Why every Platform wants to be a Super App (restofworld.org)
2 points by oedmarap 40 days ago | past
Koo is selling itself as a Twitter substitute in Nigeria (restofworld.org)
1 point by gbseventeen3331 44 days ago | past

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