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Why did John Backus' function-level programming paradigm [ ] never catch on? (quora.com)
2 points by fpstefan 17 hours ago | past | discuss
What’s the hardest bug you’ve debugged? (quora.com)
2 points by stopachka 7 days ago | past | discuss
Software Engineers over 45 (quora.com)
3 points by ashwinkumar01 8 days ago | past | discuss
What are the top best books on machine learning? (quora.com)
1 point by Vincent_F_Vega 12 days ago | past | discuss
What is the meaning behind the Steam (gaming platform) logo? (quora.com)
1 point by vinnyglennon 14 days ago | past
What is the relationship between intelligence and data compression algorithms? (quora.com)
2 points by optimalsolver 20 days ago | past
Is Chinese more advanced than English? (quora.com)
2 points by kristianpaul 21 days ago | past | 2 comments
Why do Debian project leaders want to ban Linus Torvalds? (quora.com)
3 points by vishnuharidas 23 days ago | past
My Father Firmly Believes the Earth Is Flat, How to Help (quora.com)
20 points by bryanrasmussen 26 days ago | past | 42 comments
What are some things non-programmers say that frustrate programmers? (quora.com)
1 point by nayuki 30 days ago | past
I read that “Prolog is just glorified bruteforcing”, is this true? (2019) (quora.com)
3 points by whereistimbo 32 days ago | past
Interesting read: An SSD weighs more when data is added (quora.com)
1 point by vishnuharidas 32 days ago | past
Why is Euler pronounced “oy-ler” and Euclid pronounced “yoo-clid”? (quora.com)
2 points by empressplay 33 days ago | past
How to Build a Good EMR (2011) (quora.com)
1 point by jonjlee 33 days ago | past
Is the glass roof of Tesla EV strong enough to protect the passengers inside? (quora.com)
1 point by Sumitmic 34 days ago | past
Why are movies shown in 24fps while 60fps looks more real? (quora.com)
1 point by sydney6 34 days ago | past | 1 comment
What innovations in health care will we soon see as a direct result of the Covid (quora.com)
1 point by Sumitmic 36 days ago | past
Was life discovered in the clouds of Venus in 2020? (quora.com)
2 points by zhang_sage 42 days ago | past
What are some common machine learning interview questions? (quora.com)
2 points by ShradhaSingh 45 days ago | past
Quora now transparently logs you in if your Google account is connected (quora.com)
23 points by amjd 46 days ago | past | 10 comments
Is anybody still using Windows 95? (quora.com)
125 points by vishnuharidas 47 days ago | past | 339 comments
Why does my computer make electrical sounds everytime I move mouse? (quora.com)
1 point by tosh 48 days ago | past
Who owns Mars? If Musk starts a colony there, wouldn’t he technically own Mars? (quora.com)
2 points by Sumitmic 49 days ago | past
What is the hardest thing about hiring programmers? (quora.com)
1 point by zerr 59 days ago | past
Why can't I buy books on Kindle? Where did the “Buy” button go? (quora.com)
1 point by quickthrower2 59 days ago | past
What are the roles of computer scientists in artificial intelligence? (quora.com)
2 points by ShradhaSingh 61 days ago | past
Alan Kay's answer to What is it like to be an Apple Fellow? (quora.com)
8 points by Austin_Conlon 61 days ago | past
When OTP lacks the attribute of randomness (quora.com)
1 point by elsadek 61 days ago | past
What is the connection between data science and artificial intelligence? (quora.com)
1 point by ShradhaSingh 62 days ago | past
Is it possible to prefer typing on an Apple wireless keyboard vs. a mechanical? (quora.com)
1 point by tomerbd 62 days ago | past | 1 comment

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