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Living at the top of Mammoth Mountain (msn.com)
1 point by Stratoscope 63 days ago | past
Western Maryland asks West Virginia to 'consider adding us' to their state (msn.com)
54 points by woldemariam 3 months ago | past | 107 comments
Coinbase says hackers stole cryptocurrency from at least 6k customers (msn.com)
2 points by carride 3 months ago | past
NIH director expects U.S. booster shots, despite FDA advisers' recommendation (msn.com)
2 points by MilnerRoute 4 months ago | past | 1 comment
Boston Dynamics's Spot now a watchdog in factories (msn.com)
2 points by jeffthechimp 4 months ago | past
Telegram Blocks Russian Opposition Bot as Google, Apple Pull App (msn.com)
8 points by asats 4 months ago | past | 4 comments
'We created the machine and can't control the machine' (msn.com)
4 points by jonbaer 4 months ago | past
Google, Apple remove Navalny app from stores as Russian elections begin (msn.com)
13 points by zczc 4 months ago | past
Lockheed Martin secures $2B in Pentagon contracts for F-35 program (msn.com)
1 point by nixass 4 months ago | past
Fully vaccinated nurse fears losing his job over getting the wrong vaccine (msn.com)
1 point by justwanttolearn 4 months ago | past | 2 comments
Peter Thiel Hates a Copycat (msn.com)
3 points by rmason 4 months ago | past
What are solid-state batteries and how will they make electric cars better? (msn.com)
1 point by evo_9 4 months ago | past
Humans Could Develop a Sixth Sense, Scientists Say (msn.com)
2 points by prostoalex 4 months ago | past
Richest U.S. Colleges Would See Relief Under Democrats’ Tax Plan (msn.com)
2 points by paulpauper 4 months ago | past
FBI declassifies document on Saudis and 9/11 (msn.com)
2 points by drocer88 4 months ago | past | 2 comments
Why Is America So Bad at Keeping People Alive? (msn.com)
5 points by williamstein 4 months ago | past | 2 comments
Richest U.S. Colleges Would See Relief Under Democrats’ Tax Plan (msn.com)
2 points by xqcgrek2 4 months ago | past
Johnson and Johnson’s coronavirus shot recipients feel left behind on boosters (msn.com)
1 point by walterbell 4 months ago | past
[dupe] Court issues permanent injunction in Epic vs. Apple case (msn.com)
9 points by rkwasny 4 months ago | past | 1 comment
Brad Smith warns that U.S. is repeating a key Sept. 11 mistake in digital era (msn.com)
17 points by duck 4 months ago | past | 9 comments
Winning the Cold Civil War (msn.com)
1 point by Grakel 4 months ago | past | 2 comments
“If you want to speed up your old iPhone, change the Region setting to France.” (msn.com)
18 points by auiya 4 months ago | past | 6 comments
NSA doesn't think quantum computers can break public key encryption (msn.com)
11 points by baal80spam 4 months ago | past | 5 comments
Mexico confronts complex position on immigration (msn.com)
1 point by drocer88 4 months ago | past
Locast, the streaming-TV nonprofit sued by media giants, suspends service (msn.com)
1 point by qwertyuiop_ 4 months ago | past
Black Hole Dyson Spheres (msn.com)
2 points by galaxyLogic 4 months ago | past
Broadcasters Score Big Legal Win Against Locast Popular App Streaming Network TV (msn.com)
2 points by brewdad 4 months ago | past
Greenland expedition discover 'northernmost island' (msn.com)
1 point by Someone 4 months ago | past
I went to a play written by AI; it was like looking in a circus mirror (msn.com)
1 point by isaacfrond 4 months ago | past
Teen who had heart attack after vaccine dose to receive $225,000 (msn.com)
2 points by babesh 4 months ago | past

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