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Tim Cook Defends Parler App Suspension: ‘We Don’t Consider That Free Speech’ (msn.com)
42 points by theduder99 15 hours ago | past | 117 comments
The $3k-a-month toilet for the Ivanka Trump/Jared Kushner Secret Service detail (msn.com)
1 point by unreal6 1 day ago | past | discuss
Moderna struggles to find 3k adolescent volunteers for Covid-19 vaccine trial (msn.com)
6 points by djrogers 3 days ago | past | discuss
Oregon has almost 200K unused Covid vaccines- attempts to track them are a mess (msn.com)
6 points by laurex 3 days ago | past | discuss
Salesforce says it has taken action against the RNC, but won’t say how (msn.com)
1 point by txsoftwaredev 5 days ago | past | discuss
Administration reverses stance, will no longer withhold second shots of vaccine (msn.com)
1 point by drocer88 5 days ago | past | discuss
Nio ET7 electric sedan has 620 miles of range and an self-driving system (msn.com)
8 points by evo_9 6 days ago | past | 4 comments
Navy’s Priciest Carrier Ever Struggles to Get Jets On, Off Deck (msn.com)
10 points by fireeyed 7 days ago | past | discuss
Parlor has been removed from Google Play (msn.com)
92 points by electic 9 days ago | past | 112 comments
Facebook, Twitter could face punishing regulation for their role in Capitol riot (msn.com)
1 point by totalZero 9 days ago | past | discuss
WHO refuses to back UK's Covid vaccine dose spacing (msn.com)
2 points by xenocratus 11 days ago | past | discuss
As Jack Ma Goes Missing, Video Predicting He Will Either Die or Resurfaces (msn.com)
2 points by fireeyed 13 days ago | past | discuss
Flat Earthers tried to sail to the edge of the world you can guess how it went (msn.com)
4 points by ozdave 13 days ago | past | 3 comments
Are pandemic relief checks making UBI inevitable? (msn.com)
4 points by pseudolus 15 days ago | past
Are pandemic relief checks making UBI inevitable? (msn.com)
1 point by elsewhen 17 days ago | past
Walmart apologizes to GOP senator after tweet called him “sore loser” (msn.com)
3 points by onetimemanytime 18 days ago | past
Scientists May Finally Know Why the Moon Disappeared in 1110[video] (msn.com)
2 points by axiomdata316 19 days ago | past
Oracle’s Hidden Hand Is Behind the Google Antitrust Lawsuits (msn.com)
1 point by FlyMoreRockets 24 days ago | past
Apple closes all California stores as Covid cases rise (msn.com)
1 point by nimbius 27 days ago | past
Dutch ban UK flights, fearing the new coronavirus variant (msn.com)
1 point by onetimemanytime 28 days ago | past
FDA grants authorization to Moderna for 2nd Covid-19 vaccine (msn.com)
1 point by drocer88 30 days ago | past
Air Force uses AI on military flight for first time (msn.com)
2 points by jonbaer 31 days ago | past
Electric airplanes are getting close to a commercial breakthrough (msn.com)
2 points by Shivetya 34 days ago | past
China bans Scratch, MIT's programming language for kids (msn.com)
19 points by scott31 36 days ago | past
Jim Flynn Has Died (msn.com)
2 points by worik 36 days ago | past
White House orders FDA chief to authorize Pfizer vaccine Friday or resign (msn.com)
1 point by justinzollars 37 days ago | past
Study finds Boston conference led to 300K global cases (msn.com)
1 point by onetimemanytime 37 days ago | past | 1 comment
Thieves target Russia's nuclear war ‘doomsday’ plane (msn.com)
2 points by grawprog 38 days ago | past
Watch SpaceX fly a prototype of its Starship rocket to its highest altitude yet (msn.com)
1 point by dylan604 40 days ago | past
Millennials Twice as Likely to Buy Bitcoin Than Gold as Safe-Haven Investment (msn.com)
1 point by doener 40 days ago | past | 1 comment

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