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Finnish startup says it can speed up any CPU by 100x (msn.com)
21 points by galaxyLogic 10 days ago | past | 7 comments
China's banking turmoil: 40 banks vanish, Jiangxi leads collapse (msn.com)
2 points by mmarian 10 days ago | past | discuss
As extreme heat bakes the West, emergency helicopters struggle to fly (msn.com)
35 points by cainxinth 12 days ago | past | 25 comments
Civil Rights Analyst Calls FedEx Surveillance Program 'Profoundly Disconcerting' (msn.com)
24 points by Mountain_Skies 13 days ago | past | 7 comments
Scientists achieve remarkable breakthrough that could revolutionize EVs (msn.com)
1 point by ripjaygn 14 days ago | past
Rural Chinese student sparks awe and suspicion after beating math elites (msn.com)
2 points by impish9208 14 days ago | past
Gen Z Plumbers and Construction Workers Are Making BlueCollar Cool (msn.com)
2 points by bryanrasmussen 15 days ago | past
IT jobs are safe from layoffs (msn.com)
1 point by WWWMMMWWW 19 days ago | past | 1 comment
Are we headed into deep recession? Any signs at local markets / jobs you notice? (msn.com)
1 point by fairytalemtg 21 days ago | past | 3 comments
Big Tech Gets a Big Win from the Supreme Court (msn.com)
3 points by wannacboatmovie 21 days ago | past | 1 comment
Supreme Court finds some immunity for presidents, complicating Trump indictment (msn.com)
6 points by wdb 21 days ago | past
The shadowy new way employees are cheating their way to the top (msn.com)
2 points by instagib 22 days ago | past | 3 comments
Nvidia Employees Are Now Multi-Millionaires in 'Semi-Retirement' (msn.com)
22 points by zuhayeer 23 days ago | past | 11 comments
Fujifilm once struggled to sell cameras. Now, it can't keep up with demand (msn.com)
9 points by jnord 23 days ago | past
Why are gray whales swimming into San Francisco Bay in increasing numbers? (msn.com)
3 points by Stratoscope 27 days ago | past
Researchers Say There's a Vulgar but More Accurate Term for AI Hallucinations (msn.com)
3 points by galaxyLogic 28 days ago | past | 2 comments
Where is California Forever getting the water for proposed city of 400k people? (msn.com)
6 points by NoRagrets 29 days ago | past | 5 comments
AI is exhausting the power grid (msn.com)
48 points by guerby 30 days ago | past | 80 comments
How Harappa is viewed differently by Islam and Hinduism (msn.com)
1 point by rustoo 32 days ago | past
Apple's OpenAI partnership raise s concerns about our data security and privacy (msn.com)
1 point by qsln 34 days ago | past
Wells Fargo fires dozen workers for simulating keyboard activity (msn.com)
1 point by rakkhi 34 days ago | past
Flesh-Eating Bacteria That Can Kill in Two Days Spreads in Japan (msn.com)
4 points by Simon_ORourke 35 days ago | past
The Hostages Next Door: Inside a Notable Gaza Family's Dark Secret (msn.com)
4 points by MilnerRoute 35 days ago | past
Flesh-Eating Bacteria That Can Kill in Two Days Spreads in Japan (msn.com)
5 points by jnord 35 days ago | past | 1 comment
Southwest Plane Plunged Within 400 Feet of Ocean Near Hawaii (msn.com)
12 points by jonah 37 days ago | past | 4 comments
Jeff Bezos has a vision to colonize space with a trillion people (msn.com)
12 points by elsewhen 38 days ago | past | 22 comments
OpenAI appoints former top US cyberwarrior Paul Nakasone to board of directors (msn.com)
1 point by debacle 38 days ago | past
Boeing's Urgent Mission: Training Rookies to Safely Build Airplane (msn.com)
2 points by wjb3 40 days ago | past
US Supreme Court to hear Facebook bid to scuttle shareholder lawsuit (msn.com)
1 point by instagib 42 days ago | past
Byju's was valued at $22B. Now, HSBC and BlackRock say it's worth nothing (msn.com)
1 point by WWWMMMWWW 43 days ago | past

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