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American darknet vendor and Costa Rican pharmacist charged (justice.gov)
58 points by Fjolsvith 2 days ago | past | 116 comments
[dupe] Three Individuals Charged for Alleged Roles in Twitter Hack (justice.gov)
188 points by catacombs 7 days ago | past | 4 comments
Harvard Univ Professor Charged with Tax Offenses and Lying about Chinese Ties (justice.gov)
5 points by ycombonator 9 days ago | past | discuss
Former CEO and Founder of Trustify Charged in Investment Fraud Scheme (justice.gov)
1 point by prostoalex 14 days ago | past
Two Chinese Hackers Charged with Hacking Research Related to Covid-19 (justice.gov)
3 points by momentmaker 17 days ago | past
Russian Man Found Guilty of Hacking into Three Bay Area Tech Companies (justice.gov)
5 points by SQL2219 25 days ago | past
Citizen of Kazakhstan, known as “fxmsp,” charged with computer fraud (justice.gov)
2 points by known 28 days ago | past
Hacker known as “fxmsp,” charged with fraud hacking 40 different countries (justice.gov)
1 point by vuln 31 days ago | past | 1 comment
Six Former eBay Employees Charged with Aggressive Cyberstalking Targeting Couple (justice.gov)
4 points by aaronchall 34 days ago | past
Chinese Citizen Convicted of Stealing Saw and BAW Filters Technology – US DOJ (justice.gov)
17 points by ycombonator 38 days ago | past | 1 comment
Mike Rothenberg charged with wire fraud (justice.gov)
2 points by MobileVet 38 days ago | past
Julian Assange charged in superseding indictment (justice.gov)
394 points by DyslexicAtheist 43 days ago | past | 398 comments
Roundup plaintiffs' attorneys plead guilty in $200M extortion scheme (justice.gov)
104 points by IMTDb 45 days ago | past | 32 comments
U.S. Army Soldier Charged with Terrorism Offenses for Planning Deadly Ambush (justice.gov)
1 point by pdx_flyer 46 days ago | past
Balancing Protecting Citizens While Preserving Online Innovation and Free Speech (justice.gov)
2 points by partingshots 49 days ago | past
Team Telecom Recommends That the FCC Deny Undersea Pacific Cable Hong Kong to US (justice.gov)
2 points by blopeur 49 days ago | past
FCC deny Pacific Light Cable Network connection Hong Kong to the United States (justice.gov)
2 points by Sami_Lehtinen 50 days ago | past
Department of Justice’s Review of Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act (justice.gov)
1 point by jbegley 51 days ago | past
Six Former eBay Employees Charged with Aggressive Cyberstalking Campaign (justice.gov)
3 points by EwanToo 52 days ago | past
Officer of China’s People’s Liberation Army Arrested at LAX (justice.gov)
148 points by ycombonator 56 days ago | past | 164 comments
SK Engineering Pleads Guilty to Defrauding U.S. Army, Will $68.4M (justice.gov)
2 points by blisseyGo 58 days ago | past
Competition and Monopoly: Single-Firm Conduct Under Section 2 of the Sherman Act (justice.gov)
1 point by mrep 59 days ago | past
Guilty Plea Former Philadelphia Judge of Elections Who Committed Election Fraud (justice.gov)
1 point by 75dvtwin 78 days ago | past
Univ of Arkansas Prof Arrested for Wire fraud and lying about ties to China (justice.gov)
3 points by ycombonator 87 days ago | past
Covid-19 Fraud Domain Seized from Seller Who Attempted to Sell It Using Bitcoin (justice.gov)
2 points by theBashShell 3 months ago | past
Former VP of finance at medtech co accused of sabotaging PPE shipments (justice.gov)
5 points by anigbrowl 3 months ago | past
US DOJ Issues Guidance to Protect Facilities from Unmanned Aircraft and UAS (justice.gov)
1 point by infodocket 3 months ago | past
Harvard University Professor and Two Chinese Nationals Charged in Three Cases (justice.gov)
8 points by sova 4 months ago | past
FBI Takes Down Russian-Based Hacker Platform; Arrests Suspected Site Admin (justice.gov)
3 points by mzs 4 months ago | past
Justice Dept. Files Against Website Offering Fraudulent Covid-19 Vaccine (justice.gov)
1 point by joering2 4 months ago | past

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