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Ability of Living Cells to Sense Magnetic Fields Verified for the First Time (iflscience.com)
3 points by gmays 2 days ago | past | discuss
Magic Mushrooms Injected into Man's Veins Started to Grow in Blood (iflscience.com)
139 points by cmsefton 3 days ago | past | 95 comments
Quantum Experiment Sees Two Versions of Reality Existing at the Same Time (iflscience.com)
3 points by elorant 31 days ago | past
Conspiracy Theorists Buy Faraday Cages for Protection, Complain When They Work (iflscience.com)
2 points by matthewsinclair 38 days ago | past
Retired Man Solves Decades-Old Maths Problems While Brushing His Teeth (iflscience.com)
7 points by Anon84 42 days ago | past | 1 comment
Amateur Astronomer Finds Possible Source of Wow (iflscience.com)
1 point by billyharris 47 days ago | past
Leaf-Cutter Ants First Insects Discovered to Have Biominerial Body Armor (iflscience.com)
1 point by herve76 51 days ago | past
Cellular aging in humans has been partially reversed using oxygen treatment (iflscience.com)
2 points by giuliomagnifico 54 days ago | past
From Pecking Orders to Making Friends: How Animals Elect Their Leaders (iflscience.com)
2 points by CapitalistCartr 74 days ago | past
After More Than a Century, Physicists Explain Why Ships Get Stuck in Dead-Water (iflscience.com)
3 points by Anon84 75 days ago | past
AI Camera Ruins Soccer Game After Mistaking Referee's Bald Head for Ball (iflscience.com)
355 points by alexcnwy 77 days ago | past | 185 comments
AI Camera Ruins Soccer Game for Fans After Mistaking Referees Bald Head for Ball (iflscience.com)
2 points by fergie 77 days ago | past
AI Camera's Ball-Tracking Fail - Mistakes Referee's Bald Head for Ball (iflscience.com)
2 points by slyall 78 days ago | past
AI Camera Mistakes Referee's Bald Head for Ball (iflscience.com)
2 points by pflenker 79 days ago | past
Ancient Maya Built Sophisticated Water Filter System (iflscience.com)
2 points by nobody9999 84 days ago | past
Americans' Personalities Are Shaped by Their Natural Surroundings (iflscience.com)
1 point by laurex 4 months ago | past
GIFs That Explain Mathematical Concepts – IFLScience (iflscience.com)
2 points by smusamashah 4 months ago | past
The Richest Person to Have Ever Lived (iflscience.com)
1 point by laurex 4 months ago | past
Japan Is Running Diagnostic Tests on Its First Real Gundam (iflscience.com)
19 points by kiyanwang 5 months ago | past | 3 comments
Pandemic Shutdown Reveals Just How Much Air Pollution Affects Solar Panels (iflscience.com)
3 points by rajnathani 5 months ago | past
Whale Sharks Have Tiny Protective “Teeth” on Their Eyeballs (iflscience.com)
1 point by finphil 6 months ago | past
[dupe] Scandinavian Monitoring Stations Detect Unexplained Radiation Spike over Europe (iflscience.com)
160 points by finphil 6 months ago | past | 103 comments
Gas leak that evacuated German Post Office turned out to be Durian (iflscience.com)
1 point by jimmySixDOF 6 months ago | past | 1 comment
New Satellite Images Show New York City Digging Mass Graves for Covid-19 Victims (iflscience.com)
1 point by lannvu 9 months ago | past
New study explores what can happen, and the after-effects of an LSD overdose (iflscience.com)
1 point by philshem 10 months ago | past
Generator Can Power 100 LEDs from Energy of a Single Falling Raindrop (iflscience.com)
3 points by aluket 11 months ago | past
Unexplained Gravitational Wave Burst Off the Shoulder of Orion Detected (iflscience.com)
1 point by zipwitch on Jan 16, 2020 | past
First Results from the Most Detailed Simulation of the Universe Yet (iflscience.com)
1 point by Anon84 on Nov 30, 2019 | past
Quantum Experiment Sees Two Versions of Experiment at the Same Time (iflscience.com)
1 point by howard941 on Nov 26, 2019 | past
Portable Invisibility Shield Demo'ed (iflscience.com)
1 point by skymer on Oct 22, 2019 | past

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