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Some cool new stuff for the Mac (houstonchronicle.com)
1 point by simonebrunozzi 11 days ago | past | discuss
Texas Senate passes bill aiming to counter federal subsidies for wind and solar (houstonchronicle.com)
89 points by sofixa 12 days ago | past | 71 comments
Simple paperwork blunder left Texans cold during the deadly freeze (houstonchronicle.com)
2 points by defqon 32 days ago | past
This simple paperwork blunder left Texans cold during the deadly freeze (houstonchronicle.com)
2 points by defqon 33 days ago | past | 1 comment
Top Texas regulator ousted as recording emerges of pledge to protect Wall Street (houstonchronicle.com)
157 points by stefan_ 34 days ago | past | 28 comments
How to charge your computer in the car when power goes out (houstonchronicle.com)
1 point by fortran77 59 days ago | past
What went wrong with the Texas power grid? (houstonchronicle.com)
617 points by daenney 63 days ago | past | 1042 comments
With new Covid variants looming, We have to step up our vaccine game (houstonchronicle.com)
1 point by elsewhen 78 days ago | past
Verizon 5G Data Boxes Appear Without Notice on Houston Front Lawns (houstonchronicle.com)
3 points by lazycrazyowl 84 days ago | past | 1 comment
Verizon 5G data boxes appear without notice on Houston front lawns (houstonchronicle.com)
2 points by lai-yin 86 days ago | past
In Houston’s Zoom court proceedings, decorum often gets muted (houstonchronicle.com)
1 point by ikeboy 3 months ago | past
Joel Osteen's Lakewood Church got $4.4M in federal PPP loans (houstonchronicle.com)
2 points by tima101 4 months ago | past
Elon Musk confirms that he has moved to Texas (houstonchronicle.com)
2 points by vanburen 4 months ago | past
Thanks to a loophole, ambulance trips leave door open for high, unexpected bills (houstonchronicle.com)
2 points by laurex 4 months ago | past
Houston schools see surge in failing students as Covid wreaks havoc on grades (houstonchronicle.com)
10 points by AndrewBissell 5 months ago | past | 1 comment
More food companies agree to retire racist icons, brand names (houstonchronicle.com)
1 point by mimixco 9 months ago | past
Google plans Houston office to sell cloud services to business (houstonchronicle.com)
1 point by GhettoChild 10 months ago | past
Doug Hurley and Karen Nyberg: NASA family out of this world (2013) (houstonchronicle.com)
1 point by bekoeppel 10 months ago | past
China is overtaking the US in scientific research (2018) (houstonchronicle.com)
3 points by boredgamer2 11 months ago | past
Texas A&M pandemic expert: Coronavirus will have 5 stages. We’re in stage 2 (houstonchronicle.com)
10 points by MR4D on April 11, 2020 | past | 1 comment
Texas grocer HEB offers restaurant meals at stores; all money to restaurants (houstonchronicle.com)
1 point by mimixco on April 4, 2020 | past
Rice University confirms its first case of COVID19 (houstonchronicle.com)
2 points by shry4ns on March 6, 2020 | past
The Growth of ‘Made in China’ Energy (houstonchronicle.com)
1 point by ericdanielski on Feb 11, 2020 | past
Amazon employees conduct defiance of company communications policy (houstonchronicle.com)
2 points by kerng on Jan 27, 2020 | past
Whooping cough outbreak sweeps through Texas school with 100% vaccination rate (houstonchronicle.com)
2 points by sahin on Dec 24, 2019 | past
How to Survive the Streets (houstonchronicle.com)
1 point by DyslexicAtheist on Dec 11, 2019 | past
The world's most profitable company pays surprisingly little (houstonchronicle.com)
2 points by spking on Nov 1, 2019 | past
The beginning of the end for Texas energy, economy? (houstonchronicle.com)
1 point by situational87 on Oct 11, 2019 | past
As EVs threaten gas stations, owners turn to Amazon lockers, fast food (houstonchronicle.com)
1 point by jonbaer on Oct 5, 2019 | past
BP launches gas cloud imaging, drones to monitor methane emissions (houstonchronicle.com)
1 point by rbanffy on Sept 13, 2019 | past

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