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Man Skips Grocery Store for 8 Months, Grandpa Inspired Tiny Pandemic Garden (goodnewsnetwork.org)
7 points by RickJWagner 21 days ago | past
Drug Reverses Age-Related Mental Decline Within Days (goodnewsnetwork.org)
4 points by cwwc 25 days ago | past | 2 comments
Drug Reverses Age-Related Mental Decline in Days, Suggesting Decline Not Perm (goodnewsnetwork.org)
4 points by revicon 25 days ago | past
NASA Uses Supercomputers and AI to Count Trees from Space for the First Time (goodnewsnetwork.org)
1 point by nof1 60 days ago | past
Metro Train Driver Saved by a Whale’s Tail After Crashing Through Safety Barrier (goodnewsnetwork.org)
2 points by superjan 79 days ago | past
Chameleons Not Seen by Scientists for Century Found in a Madagascar Hotel Garden (goodnewsnetwork.org)
147 points by MaysonL 79 days ago | past | 37 comments
New Technology to Save Endangered Sea Turtles, Decoy GPS Eggs to Catch Poachers (goodnewsnetwork.org)
2 points by SusAnnie 3 months ago | past
Scientists Create Transparent Wood Nearly as Clear as Glass for Better Windows (goodnewsnetwork.org)
3 points by SusAnnie 3 months ago | past | 1 comment
Billionaire Reaches His Goal of Giving Away His Entire Fortune After 38 Years (goodnewsnetwork.org)
2 points by RickJWagner 4 months ago | past
Scientists Make Type-2 Diabetes Breakthrough (goodnewsnetwork.org)
2 points by elorant 4 months ago | past | 1 comment
Map Lets You See How Your Hometown Has Moved Across Million Years of Cont. Drift (goodnewsnetwork.org)
1 point by gscott 4 months ago | past
Scientists Make Giant Leap in Diagnosing Liver Disease by Using Gut Microbiome (goodnewsnetwork.org)
2 points by RickJWagner 5 months ago | past
Soap Bubbles Delivered by a Tiny Drone Can Pollinate Crops (goodnewsnetwork.org)
3 points by memexy 6 months ago | past
Gym Owner Gives Out All His Equipment So Members Can Work Out at Home (goodnewsnetwork.org)
1 point by RickJWagner 8 months ago | past
[dupe] People Use Chalk to Write Plant Names on Sidewalks to Help Connect with Nature (goodnewsnetwork.org)
3 points by branko_d 8 months ago | past | 1 comment
Man Completes Half-Marathon on His Balcony for Charity After Covid-19 Shutdown (goodnewsnetwork.org)
1 point by RickJWagner 9 months ago | past
Hacker Builds a Vending Machine for Crows as Ingenious Response to an Argument (goodnewsnetwork.org)
2 points by RickJWagner 10 months ago | past
10 Positive Updates on the Covid-19 Outbreaks from Around the World (goodnewsnetwork.org)
3 points by RickJWagner 10 months ago | past
These Are the Best Things About Aging, as Voted by People over 50 (goodnewsnetwork.org)
2 points by RickJWagner 10 months ago | past
18-Year-Old Blind Piano Player, So Talented Scientists Are Studying His Brain (goodnewsnetwork.org)
3 points by RickJWagner 10 months ago | past
Dutch Guy Cleaning Up Pacific Garbage Patch Is Now Clearing the World’s Rivers (goodnewsnetwork.org)
2 points by miles 10 months ago | past
Welsh Teacher Hailed as ‘Math Whisperer‘ After All His Students Aced Tricky Exam (goodnewsnetwork.org)
3 points by RickJWagner 11 months ago | past
Teen Discovered New Planet 6.9 Times Bigger Than Earth Days into NASA Internship (goodnewsnetwork.org)
1 point by RickJWagner on Jan 17, 2020 | past
Teen Saved from Seizure After Online Gaming Friend Calls Police 5k Miles Away (goodnewsnetwork.org)
42 points by randomerr on Jan 15, 2020 | past | 8 comments
Oakland Residents Transform Abandoned Lot into Sanctuary for Homeless Women (goodnewsnetwork.org)
3 points by burlesona on Jan 11, 2020 | past
Scientists Use Recycled Sewage Water to Grow 500-Acre Forest in the Desert (goodnewsnetwork.org)
222 points by ph0rque on Jan 11, 2020 | past | 84 comments
New Material to Make Lithium Ion Batteries Self-Healing and Easily Recyclable (goodnewsnetwork.org)
114 points by elorant on Dec 30, 2019 | past | 22 comments
Dad Spends 1,200 Hours Renovating Doc Brown's Car for His Kids (goodnewsnetwork.org)
1 point by RickJWagner on Dec 9, 2019 | past
Power Plant Turns Waste into Energy and Doubles as a Ski Slope and Climbing Wall (goodnewsnetwork.org)
137 points by abbe98 on Nov 19, 2019 | past | 47 comments
One-Legged Man Ties His Disability into the Best Halloween Costumes Ever (goodnewsnetwork.org)
1 point by RickJWagner on Oct 31, 2019 | past

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