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Europe is launching a 7 months study on DNS abuse (europa.eu)
2 points by giuliomagnifico 1 hour ago | past | discuss
EU opens in-depth investigation into proposed acquisition of Fitbit by Google (europa.eu)
1 point by partingshots 3 days ago | past | discuss
European Commission opens investigation of Google’s proposed Fitbit acquisition (europa.eu)
4 points by jeremiahlee 5 days ago | past | discuss
European enterprise survey on the use of artificial intelligence (europa.eu)
1 point by vrnvu 5 days ago | past | discuss
EU Security Union Strategy: connecting the dots in a new security ecosystem (europa.eu)
3 points by tosh 11 days ago | past | discuss
ECJ Invalidates Adequacy of the EU-US Data Protection Shield [pdf] (europa.eu)
1 point by dariosalvi78 13 days ago | past | discuss
European Digital Identity (EUid) Public Consultation (europa.eu)
4 points by throw0101a 15 days ago | past
Do young people in the EU have digital skills? (europa.eu)
1 point by BerislavLopac 20 days ago | past
European Court of Justice invalidates US-EU privacy agreement [pdf] (europa.eu)
15 points by mrleiter 25 days ago | past | 3 comments
Coronavirus: Mobility Data Provides Insights into Virus Spread and Containment (europa.eu)
2 points by infodocket 26 days ago | past
For unlawful uploads, rightholders may require only postal not IP address [pdf] (europa.eu)
1 point by tannhaeuser 32 days ago | past
European Green Deal Investment Plan (europa.eu)
2 points by cdcro 33 days ago | past
Open source in Hamburg: ‘a showcase for technological sovereignty’ (europa.eu)
2 points by jrepinc 34 days ago | past
Infographic: Use of Social Media in the EU (europa.eu)
2 points by infodocket 35 days ago | past
Investigation into EU institutions’ use of Microsoft products and services (europa.eu)
11 points by pkz 37 days ago | past | 2 comments
Re-Open EU (europa.eu)
1 point by robin_reala 38 days ago | past
Dismantle EncroChat, an encrypted phone network widely used by criminal networks (europa.eu)
2 points by emperor_ 38 days ago | past
Dismantling of an Encrypted Network in Europe (europa.eu)
2 points by drummer 38 days ago | past
Stopping olive oil fraud with the help of blockchain (europa.eu)
2 points by mkroman 40 days ago | past | 2 comments
European Council agreement on travel restrictions (europa.eu)
1 point by mehrdadn 40 days ago | past
Antitrust: Commission opens investigations into Apple's App Store rules (europa.eu)
3 points by yladiz 42 days ago | past
Covid-19 Country Overviews (europa.eu)
1 point by ptr 44 days ago | past
‘Low cost Android’ to study the brain (europa.eu)
1 point by rbanffy 47 days ago | past
EU-funded research project announces promising results for potential treatment (europa.eu)
2 points by akbarnama 52 days ago | past
European Commission opens investigations into Apple (europa.eu)
1 point by soheilpro 54 days ago | past
EU: Member States Agree on Interoperability for Mobile Tracing and Warning Apps (europa.eu)
1 point by infodocket 55 days ago | past
EU opens investigations into Apple's App Store rules (europa.eu)
5 points by rpadovani 55 days ago | past
EC's JRC to Release AI Tech for Coronavirus Fact-Checkers (europa.eu)
1 point by infodocket 59 days ago | past
Establishment of a Taskforce on TikTok (europa.eu)
2 points by doener 60 days ago | past
Europol has been using Palantir software since 2016 (europa.eu)
2 points by lis 61 days ago | past

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