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Discord ends acquisition talks with Microsoft, decided to stay independent (eurogamer.net)
2 points by nixass 14 days ago | past
Starflight, EA's sci-fi sandbox (eurogamer.net)
3 points by jdkee 23 days ago | past
Epic Is Losing Hundreds of Millions of Dollars in Its War on Apple (eurogamer.net)
2 points by Grakel 24 days ago | past | 3 comments
Sony confirms PS3, PSP, and Vita digital stores closing for good this summer (eurogamer.net)
1 point by mariuz 36 days ago | past
Xbox Live officially rebranded to Xbox network (eurogamer.net)
2 points by eddieoz 43 days ago | past
24-yr-old, never-before-seen Hyper Neo Geo 64 game prototype found in Cali field (eurogamer.net)
3 points by iamben 48 days ago | past
Crysis Remastered PC: DLSS is added – but are the major issues resolved? (eurogamer.net)
1 point by mariuz 52 days ago | past
PokémonMaxRaids, the Kindest Community on the Internet (eurogamer.net)
1 point by adrian_mrd 53 days ago | past
M2 went back to the Game Gear for its magnum opus (eurogamer.net)
1 point by Parseus 54 days ago | past
A deep-dive into the future of subscription gaming (eurogamer.net)
42 points by jsnell 58 days ago | past | 131 comments
Evil aspidistras and Noel Edmonds: An obscure quiz show shaped gaming in the 80s (eurogamer.net)
2 points by timthorn 66 days ago | past
Is Xbox Game Pass too good to be true? (eurogamer.net)
1 point by mariuz 74 days ago | past
A small group of GTA fanatics reverse-engineered GTA 3 and Vice City withou (eurogamer.net)
2 points by todsacerdoti 76 days ago | past
A deep-dive into the future of subscription gaming (eurogamer.net)
2 points by jsnell 77 days ago | past
Cyberpunk 2077, Witcher 3 source code reportedly already up for auction (eurogamer.net)
5 points by vinnyglennon 83 days ago | past
Streetfighter II is 30 years old (eurogamer.net)
7 points by adrian_mrd 87 days ago | past | 1 comment
The United Nations has made a game about saving the ozone layer (eurogamer.net)
1 point by adrian_mrd 3 months ago | past
After thousands attempts, Mario Kart fan pulls off Rainbow Rd “ultra shortcut” (eurogamer.net)
2 points by ksec 3 months ago | past
Of course Razer's face mask has RGB lighting and voice amplification (eurogamer.net)
6 points by eddieoz 3 months ago | past | 1 comment
Long-forgotten PS1 Net Yaroze game Magic Castle comes out over 20 years later (eurogamer.net)
1 point by polm23 4 months ago | past
Cyberpunk 2077 players are using a glitch to run so fast the cars won't load (eurogamer.net)
1 point by eddieoz 4 months ago | past
Cyberpunk 2077: how bad is last-gen performance – and what will it take to fix? (eurogamer.net)
1 point by e_proxus 4 months ago | past
Rebuild trust after Cyberpunk 2077 Xbox One and PS4 launch woes (eurogamer.net)
1 point by eddieoz 4 months ago | past
Demaking in the Year of Next Gen (eurogamer.net)
1 point by juanuys 4 months ago | past
Epilepsy charity calls for urgent Cyberpunk 2077 safety update (eurogamer.net)
2 points by eddieoz 4 months ago | past
Xbox Series X: The Digital Foundry review (eurogamer.net)
1 point by allending 6 months ago | past
Hackers reportedly jailbreak Oculus Quest 2, bypassing forced Facebook login (eurogamer.net)
3 points by capableweb 6 months ago | past
Jailbreak for Oculus Quest 2 bypassing its forced Facebook login found (eurogamer.net)
3 points by karboosx 6 months ago | past
Replicating Blade Runner: why the adventure game classic is so tough to remaster (eurogamer.net)
2 points by elorant 6 months ago | past
Deleting Facebook also deletes your Oculus purchases (eurogamer.net)
2 points by haunter 6 months ago | past

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