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Italian sailors knew of America 150 years before Christopher Columbus (eurekalert.org)
1 point by csomar 8 days ago | past | discuss
Intestinal drug shown to boost memory and cognition (eurekalert.org)
65 points by gurjeet 16 days ago | past | 42 comments
Who drink at least one energy drink/week is twice as likely to break speed limit (eurekalert.org)
1 point by giuliomagnifico 17 days ago | past
Intermittent fasting makes fruit flies live longer – will it work for people? (eurekalert.org)
1 point by gmays 19 days ago | past
Pointing and Finger Tracing Enhance Learning (eurekalert.org)
2 points by geox 23 days ago | past
A 3D printed vaccine patch offers vaccination without a shot (eurekalert.org)
2 points by geox 25 days ago | past
A technique to convert CO2 to Starch without photosynthesis has been discovered (eurekalert.org)
3 points by evanhuang8 25 days ago | past
WHO recommends antibody treatment for Covid patients at high risk (eurekalert.org)
5 points by _Microft 26 days ago | past | 1 comment
Columbia Engineers invent software-controlled robotic lasers that cook food (eurekalert.org)
1 point by alexrustic 26 days ago | past
Small, mighty robots mimic the powerful punch of mantis shrimp (eurekalert.org)
2 points by gmays 39 days ago | past
ESO captures best images yet of peculiar “dog-bone” asteroid (eurekalert.org)
1 point by elsewhen 40 days ago | past
Scientists make sperm from mouse stem cells that lead to fertile offspring (eurekalert.org)
2 points by geox 42 days ago | past
Nature paper: ‘compact’ cameras not dead yet? Some self-assembly required (eurekalert.org)
2 points by aniijbod 44 days ago | past
Raising the Steaks: Japanese company 3D Prints Waygu beef replacement (eurekalert.org)
1 point by bjflanne 48 days ago | past
Reducing sugar in packaged foods can prevent disease in millions (eurekalert.org)
236 points by starkd 52 days ago | past | 170 comments
Researchers develop novel analog processor for high performance computing (eurekalert.org)
3 points by geox 53 days ago | past | 1 comment
Researchers develop 'nanopore-tal' that enables cells to talk to computers (eurekalert.org)
1 point by Osiris30 54 days ago | past
Statistics say large pandemics are more likely than we thought (eurekalert.org)
2 points by lnyan 56 days ago | past
Using artificial intelligence for early detec (eurekalert.org)
1 point by Osiris30 58 days ago | past
Metal pollution: If it’s in the air – & our iPhones – it’ll end up in our bones (eurekalert.org)
3 points by johntfella 63 days ago | past
Brain organoids develop optic cups that respond to light (eurekalert.org)
2 points by nairteashop 63 days ago | past
Wash your hands for 20 seconds: Physics shows why (eurekalert.org)
2 points by rustoo 63 days ago | past
Subset of dog coat patterns predates the emergence of modern wolves (eurekalert.org)
2 points by geox 66 days ago | past
Scientists repurpose CRISPR to identify antibodies in patient blood samples (eurekalert.org)
6 points by geox 67 days ago | past
Social Darwinists admire strength and power despite own fragile self-image (eurekalert.org)
3 points by geox 69 days ago | past | 1 comment
Consumption of music streaming declined significantly during lockdowns worldwide (eurekalert.org)
3 points by geox 77 days ago | past
Keto diets place pregnant women and kidney disease patients at risk (eurekalert.org)
2 points by geox 77 days ago | past
Optimizing Remote Direct Memory Access for a faster, more robust internet (eurekalert.org)
1 point by geox 82 days ago | past
A virus protects butterflies from parasites (eurekalert.org)
1 point by geox 82 days ago | past
US subsidies boost the expected profits of oil and gas fields (eurekalert.org)
2 points by geox 82 days ago | past | 2 comments

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