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Substack has spawned a new class of newsletter entrepreneurs (digiday.com)
101 points by jsm386 8 days ago | past | 52 comments
Caught in the mushy middle: How Quartz fell to earth (digiday.com)
1 point by megacorp 24 days ago | past
Spared for now, large publishers live in fear of Amazon commission cuts (digiday.com)
2 points by hhs 30 days ago | past
New Google ‘confirmed clicks’ plan could depress publisher revenue (digiday.com)
2 points by ilamont 30 days ago | past
How Eduardo Saverin sold Facebook ads in 2004 (2012) (digiday.com)
102 points by ankitkumar98 39 days ago | past | 24 comments
Like it or not, Google and Facebook are becoming the leading patrons of news (digiday.com)
3 points by hhs 59 days ago | past
Publishers’ new concern: failing ad tech firms defaults on payments (digiday.com)
1 point by ilamont 74 days ago | past
‘This is a permanent shift’: Retail giants like Amazon capture more ad spending (digiday.com)
2 points by ilamont 79 days ago | past
After the shock, ad industry grimly prepares for a prolonged downturn (digiday.com)
1 point by ilamont 3 months ago | past
‘A big drop in demand’: Confessions of a media buyer on coronavirus fallout (digiday.com)
2 points by ilamont 4 months ago | past
Coronavirus climbs up keyword block lists (digiday.com)
21 points by ilamont 4 months ago | past | 8 comments
Google News Initiative is focused on local news ‘deserts’ (digiday.com)
1 point by ilamont 4 months ago | past
Publishers are growing audiences by producing less content (digiday.com)
1 point by joeyespo 5 months ago | past
YouTube revenue disclosure could pressure Instagram to share money with creators (digiday.com)
1 point by guiambros 5 months ago | past
Why Dyson Stopped Selling on Amazon (digiday.com)
4 points by JSeymourATL 5 months ago | past | 1 comment
Google plans to kill off third-party cookies in Chrome ‘within 2 years’ (digiday.com)
3 points by dominik 5 months ago | past | 1 comment
The rise of streaming is sapping cable TV programming (digiday.com)
1 point by ilamont 5 months ago | past
Apple’s new privacy features have further rattled the location-based ad market (digiday.com)
2 points by ilamont 5 months ago | past
The paltry price paid for Unruly rattles the consolidating ad tech market (digiday.com)
1 point by ilamont 6 months ago | past
What is Chrome’s SameSite cookie update? (digiday.com)
21 points by pwg 6 months ago | past | 4 comments
Advertisers pounce on TV’s discounted holiday rates (digiday.com)
1 point by hhs 6 months ago | past
Time’s new invite-only membership program will cost up to $20k a year (digiday.com)
3 points by lando2319 6 months ago | past
Nine months in, Apple News+ isn’t wowing publishers (digiday.com)
1 point by ilamont 6 months ago | past
Ad fraud moves to streaming video platforms (digiday.com)
2 points by ilamont 6 months ago | past
How the NY Times Mines Data to Pick Articles to Promote on Facebook, Twitter (digiday.com)
1 point by infodocket 7 months ago | past
Firefox browser will block the IAB's DigiTrust universal ID (digiday.com)
206 points by cpeterso 7 months ago | past | 118 comments
Keyword block lists still cause headaches for publishers (digiday.com)
1 point by ilamont 7 months ago | past
Ad tech industry questions intentions behind Google’s latest privacy moves (digiday.com)
2 points by dominik 7 months ago | past
‘Geared to a millennial’s lifestyle’: Engagement and wedding rings have gone DTC (digiday.com)
1 point by ilamont 7 months ago | past
Publishers try new tacks to drum up interest in their ad platforms (digiday.com)
1 point by ilamont 7 months ago | past

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