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Ad buyers’ latest gripe: Outstream video ads playing out of view (digiday.com)
2 points by ilamont 6 days ago | past | web | discuss
TechCrunch unveils a subscription product, Extra Crunch (digiday.com)
2 points by jmsflknr 9 days ago | past | web | discuss
Confessions of a former agency exec on attribution scamming (digiday.com)
1 point by elorant 13 days ago | past | web | discuss
'HGTV effect': IKEA is testing a subscription model for furniture (digiday.com)
2 points by elorant 16 days ago | past | web
Vice Media is laying off hundreds in an effort to reduce costs (digiday.com)
1 point by shawndumas 20 days ago | past | web
Leaked Pitch Deck: How TikTok Is Selling Ads in Europe (digiday.com)
1 point by sahin-boydas 21 days ago | past | web
Ghost sites, domain spoofing, fake apps: A guide to knowing your ad fraud (digiday.com)
2 points by ilamont 22 days ago | past | web
Questions asked of influencer marketing in wake of Fyre documentaries (digiday.com)
1 point by ilamont 27 days ago | past | web
Confessions of a former Facebook exec on the platform’s struggles with video (digiday.com)
1 point by ilamont 34 days ago | past | web
After GDPR, The New York Times cut off ad exchanges and kept growing ad revenue (digiday.com)
572 points by chrisxcross 36 days ago | past | web | 452 comments
Inside Facebook’s ad platform clean up (digiday.com)
2 points by ilamont 42 days ago | past | web
Forbes is building more AI tools for its reporters (digiday.com)
3 points by myinnerbanjo 44 days ago | past | web
Forbes is building more AI tools for its reporters (digiday.com)
2 points by beriboy 45 days ago | past | web
Comscore and Nielsen are racing to become cross-platform measurement providers (digiday.com)
1 point by ilamont 50 days ago | past | web
‘Going where the customer is’: Marketers are coming for messaging apps (digiday.com)
31 points by elorant 61 days ago | past | web | 25 comments
Started with fanfare, Verizon's Oath never stood a chance, ad execs say (digiday.com)
29 points by ilamont 63 days ago | past | web | 12 comments
Rise in union activity is clashing with digital publishing’s business struggles (digiday.com)
2 points by ilamont 66 days ago | past | web
Silicon Valley meets Hollywood: Quibi to spend $1B on creation of 10-min content (digiday.com)
2 points by I-M-S 71 days ago | past | web
Project Feels: How USA Today, ESPN and the NY Times Are Targeting Ads to Mood (digiday.com)
1 point by mlthoughts2018 73 days ago | past | web
How third-party sellers navigate Amazon’s marketplace amid changes (digiday.com)
2 points by ilamont 76 days ago | past | web
Ad buyers: Don’t blame us for the death of the publishing middle class (digiday.com)
4 points by ilamont 77 days ago | past | web
‘It’s a big data game’: Startups compete to reinvent the convenience store (digiday.com)
2 points by ilamont 78 days ago | past | web
Why ‘news for millennials’ media plays never panned out (digiday.com)
1 point by ilamont 80 days ago | past | web
Confessions of a data scientist: ‘Marketers don’t know what they’re asking for’ (digiday.com)
1 point by aarongottlieb 3 months ago | past | web
‘Google a decade ago’: Buyers still have gripes about Amazon advertising (digiday.com)
2 points by ilamont 3 months ago | past | web
How hustle culture took over advertising (digiday.com)
208 points by ilamont 3 months ago | past | web | 252 comments
Vox Media’s roll-up of Recode shows the limits of its vertical approach (digiday.com)
1 point by ilamont 3 months ago | past | web
‘Shows for nobody’: Facebook Watch moves away from short-form video formats (digiday.com)
1 point by ilamont 3 months ago | past | web
Ad buyers say Facebook Ads Manager is the most inconsistent of the platforms (digiday.com)
1 point by ilamont 3 months ago | past | web
With Snap Originals, Snapchat Turns to TV-Like Show Programming (digiday.com)
1 point by seapunk 4 months ago | past | web

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