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News publishers are using the Olympics and AR to flex their tech storytelling (digiday.com)
1 point by giuliomagnifico 1 day ago | past | discuss
California's Attorney General backs call for Global Privacy Control adoption (digiday.com)
6 points by donohoe 8 days ago | past | 1 comment
‘The backplane for advertising’: Amazon plots big step up for APS (digiday.com)
1 point by wolverine876 12 days ago | past | discuss
Private Relay could be the beginning of the end for fingerprinting on iOS devces (digiday.com)
1 point by spideymans 16 days ago | past
Apple’s Private Relay could be the beginning of the end for fingerprinting (digiday.com)
1 point by Manheim 16 days ago | past
The Job Juggle: Gen Z and millennial employees embrace the concept of ‘Polywork’ (digiday.com)
4 points by monsieurpng 28 days ago | past
Google extends third party cookie deadline until late 2023 (digiday.com)
104 points by lhpz 30 days ago | past | 64 comments
The New York Times won’t use identity tech (digiday.com)
1 point by ruskibeats 36 days ago | past
Amazon is blocking Google’s FLoC (digiday.com)
490 points by estas 39 days ago | past | 231 comments
Ad tech firms test ways to connect Google’s FLoC to other data (digiday.com)
327 points by EdwinHoksberg 44 days ago | past | 220 comments
Subscription-based streamers outstrip ad-supported services’ share of watch time (digiday.com)
2 points by Manheim 47 days ago | past
Mobile ad industry grapples with early uncertainties from ATT (digiday.com)
2 points by donohoe 73 days ago | past
How Vice is preparing for life after the third-party cookie (2020) (digiday.com)
1 point by yladiz 3 months ago | past
Why Facebook won’t sell ads in its planned Instagram app for kids (digiday.com)
1 point by dylancollins 3 months ago | past
Shortage in mental health services fans flames of employee burnout (digiday.com)
2 points by JSeymourATL 3 months ago | past
How the rise of ‘digital nomad’ visas will drive the global battle for talent (digiday.com)
2 points by rchaudhary 3 months ago | past
Google’s cookieless targeting proposal under fire for discriminatory potential (digiday.com)
2 points by johncena33 3 months ago | past
Cookie changes force some small publishers to give up on ads (digiday.com)
2 points by ilamont 3 months ago | past
New bill would allow publishers to collectively bargain with Facebook and Google (digiday.com)
1 point by Manheim 4 months ago | past
Google says publishers don’t want collective bargaining (digiday.com)
1 point by gmays 4 months ago | past
WTF Is Trust.txt? (digiday.com)
2 points by tysone 5 months ago | past
Why Google’s Shoploop missed the social shopping trend (digiday.com)
1 point by ilamont 5 months ago | past
Why new agencies are trying to capitalize on the online gaming boom (digiday.com)
1 point by drozzz 5 months ago | past
Google’s approach to replacing the cookie is drawing antitrust scrutiny (digiday.com)
477 points by Manheim 5 months ago | past | 335 comments
‘Why a DTC seafood company is rethinking its ad spend (digiday.com)
1 point by Manheim 6 months ago | past
Social media managers grapple with burnout, leaving the industry (digiday.com)
2 points by ilamont 6 months ago | past
Confessions of a media buyer on Apple vs. Facebook, Google lawsuits (digiday.com)
1 point by Manheim 7 months ago | past
A crop of startups are trying to make for-profit local news work (digiday.com)
125 points by Manheim 8 months ago | past | 90 comments
'We do it because it's profitable': Ads improbably sprout on ad averse Substack (digiday.com)
1 point by exolymph 9 months ago | past
Media buyer: Facebook updates have ‘wrecked the ad platform on the backend’ (digiday.com)
185 points by instagraham 9 months ago | past | 140 comments

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