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American SUVs are now bigger than the TANKS that fought in World War II (dailymail.co.uk)
6 points by sbmthakur 2 days ago | past | 1 comment
Larry Page 'has been living off-grid on isolated Fijian island for the pandemic' (dailymail.co.uk)
5 points by rmason 5 days ago | past | 2 comments
British suspect Twitter hack last year Bitcoin scam is arrested in Spain (dailymail.co.uk)
2 points by paulpauper 7 days ago | past | discuss
1972 prediction of the collapse of society is on track to happen by 2040 (dailymail.co.uk)
4 points by jaytaylor 13 days ago | past | 1 comment
France to make vaccination passes compulsory for bars, cafés and restaurants (dailymail.co.uk)
5 points by imjustsaying 15 days ago | past
What modern animals would look like if we drew them in the same way as dinosaurs (dailymail.co.uk)
167 points by andyxor 16 days ago | past | 43 comments
Renters return to the Big Apple as number of available apartments in dropped 40% (dailymail.co.uk)
2 points by neom 20 days ago | past
Kaseya unable to restore service after CEO vowed it would be back within 'hours' (dailymail.co.uk)
2 points by wrycoder 20 days ago | past
Facebook is developing its own city near Silicon Valley HQ (dailymail.co.uk)
5 points by awithrow 21 days ago | past
China prepares to move into Afghanistan with $62B 'Belt and Road' program (dailymail.co.uk)
11 points by nixass 23 days ago | past | 3 comments
'The ocean is on fire ' after a gas leak causes an underwater pipeline to ignite (dailymail.co.uk)
2 points by bryanrasmussen 25 days ago | past
Israeli army Unit dispatched to Fla has built 3D CGI images of condo collapse (dailymail.co.uk)
3 points by rmason 26 days ago | past
Controversial Romanian crypto billionaire drowns off Costa Rica age 41 (dailymail.co.uk)
2 points by grawprog 27 days ago | past
Airbnb's $50M team to keep disaster out of the media (dailymail.co.uk)
2 points by vixen99 43 days ago | past
Our earliest childhood memories begin from the age of two-and-a-half (dailymail.co.uk)
2 points by teleforce 44 days ago | past
Australian lottery winner who won TWICE and survived coma (1999) (dailymail.co.uk)
1 point by blowfish721 46 days ago | past
Anonymous' Message for Elon Musk (dailymail.co.uk)
5 points by andyxor 52 days ago | past
Wuhan Institute of Virology Received $39M from Pentagon (dailymail.co.uk)
2 points by throwaway20875 53 days ago | past
Facebook could be hit with fines if MI5 is denied access to secret messages (dailymail.co.uk)
4 points by dane-pgp 58 days ago | past | 2 comments
Chinese weapon scientist has been working at the heart of Cambridge University's (dailymail.co.uk)
9 points by tartoran 59 days ago | past
'Unique fingerprints' in Covid-19 could only have arisen from a laboratory (dailymail.co.uk)
20 points by hirundo 60 days ago | past | 23 comments
Amber Heard op-ed for the Washington Post written by the ACLU (dailymail.co.uk)
2 points by Analemma_ 61 days ago | past | 1 comment
Nestlé's 'floating supermarket' in the Amazon with junk food: child obesity (dailymail.co.uk)
1 point by speeder 62 days ago | past
SpaceX aims for its 100th successful flight in a row TODAY with a Falcon 9 (dailymail.co.uk)
37 points by vroushh 63 days ago | past | 7 comments
Facebook tried to censor posts about vaccine hesitancy (dailymail.co.uk)
6 points by throwaway1959 64 days ago | past | 1 comment
California nightmare: How high taxes, rampant crime, streets of homeless addicts (dailymail.co.uk)
5 points by asiachick 66 days ago | past | 2 comments
The great tea robbery (2009) (dailymail.co.uk)
1 point by Tomte 71 days ago | past
Australian Researchers Estimate That There Are 50B Birds (dailymail.co.uk)
1 point by nafnlj 72 days ago | past
Smartphone technology able to generate images of surrounds from sound alone (dailymail.co.uk)
1 point by livinginfear 77 days ago | past | 1 comment
Britain aims to plant 143M new trees a year by 2035 (dailymail.co.uk)
2 points by aracena 78 days ago | past

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