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India, E-Commerce and Electric Vehicles Raise Supergiant Funding in July (crunchbase.com)
1 point by ramanujank 1 day ago | past | discuss
Preventing Data Breaches: Keyless Secures $2.2M Round (crunchbase.com)
1 point by simonebrunozzi 6 days ago | past | discuss
Fintech Startup Remitly Raises $85M (crunchbase.com)
2 points by finphil 14 days ago | past
Telehealth Startup Ro Nabs $200M (crunchbase.com)
1 point by finphil 15 days ago | past
Insurtech Unicorn Hippo Raises $150M (crunchbase.com)
1 point by finphil 22 days ago | past
Meditopia Raises $15M Series A to Personalize Mindfulness Services (crunchbase.com)
2 points by kaanuynk 24 days ago | past
Palantir Files Confidentially for IPO (crunchbase.com)
1 point by boto3 36 days ago | past
Intento (Berkeley Skydeck) raises $3M for its AI integration platform (crunchbase.com)
3 points by ksavenkov 43 days ago | past
Lemonade IPO Prices Are Set (crunchbase.com)
2 points by lerie1982 47 days ago | past
Top Global Startup Ecosystems (crunchbase.com)
2 points by henrik_w 48 days ago | past
$60m seed ext: Pipe helps SaaS firms turn subscriptions into upfront cash flow (crunchbase.com)
1 point by dig6x 48 days ago | past
Crunchbase to categorize companies by race / ethnicity (crunchbase.com)
4 points by rvnx 50 days ago | past
Big Health Hones Digital Mental Health Therapy with $39M Series B (crunchbase.com)
1 point by elsewhen 53 days ago | past
United Dwelling Raises $10M Series B to Turn Garages into Affordable Housing (crunchbase.com)
1 point by joeyespo 57 days ago | past
Streamlit open-source MLOps raises 21M (crunchbase.com)
5 points by ishcheklein 57 days ago | past
Instacart Sits with a 13.7B Valuation with New $225M Funding Round (crunchbase.com)
2 points by lerie1982 61 days ago | past
EnsoData Raises $9M to Diagnose Health Conditions with AI (crunchbase.com)
2 points by flownandez 63 days ago | past | 1 comment
Investors with Proven Track Records of Diversity Funding (crunchbase.com)
2 points by ohjeez 68 days ago | past
Credit Card Companies Expanding Options for Cash-Back Reward Programs (crunchbase.com)
2 points by cgoodmac 71 days ago | past
TrustCode (crunchbase.com)
4 points by AlexMuir 75 days ago | past
Trials and Tribulations: Turning Clinical Trials Virtual During Covid-19 (crunchbase.com)
1 point by gone35 82 days ago | past
Startups Should Become ‘Camels’–Not Unicorns–During Covid-19 – Crunchbase News (crunchbase.com)
2 points by harshamv22 85 days ago | past
Digitalocean Is Officially a Unicorn (crunchbase.com)
3 points by kchhina 89 days ago | past
DigitalOcean Raises $50M At $1.15B Valuation (crunchbase.com)
10 points by ilarum 3 months ago | past
You Got Rejected by a VC, Now What? (crunchbase.com)
2 points by arunbahl 3 months ago | past | 1 comment
Sports App Sleeper Nets $20M from NBA Stars Kevin Durant and Baron Davis (crunchbase.com)
1 point by TakakiTohno 3 months ago | past
The Next Great AI Company? Covariant Attracts $40M Series B (crunchbase.com)
1 point by wojtczyk 3 months ago | past
What You Need to Know About Equity If You’ve Been Laid Off (crunchbase.com)
1 point by forkerenok 3 months ago | past
Number of Startup Layoffs Surpasses 20K (crunchbase.com)
31 points by SQL2219 3 months ago | past | 9 comments
Beyond Identity to Deliver ‘The End of Passwords’ Raises $30M Series A (crunchbase.com)
2 points by Lenad 4 months ago | past

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