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Lucid Air EV Has 517 Miles of EPA Range, and We Saw 458 Miles on a Ride-Along (caranddriver.com)
2 points by clouddrover 11 hours ago | past | discuss
Why is America stuck with bad headlights? (caranddriver.com)
366 points by jbredeche 8 days ago | past | 471 comments
“Musk Says Tesla’s Rebuilt Autopilot Software Coming in Two to Four Months” (caranddriver.com)
2 points by fortran77 37 days ago | past
Samsung researchers build solid-state EV battery with 500-mile range (caranddriver.com)
74 points by airstrike 43 days ago | past | 38 comments
Polestar Will Build Some Sort of Ride-Hailing Robotaxi with Waymo (caranddriver.com)
1 point by amaajemyfren 43 days ago | past
IIHS Study: Autonomous Cars Won't Avoid Majority of Vehicle Crashes (caranddriver.com)
1 point by Alupis 59 days ago | past
The Nikola Badger, a New Fuel-Cell Pickup, Starts Preorders June 29 (caranddriver.com)
4 points by moneytide1 64 days ago | past
Every Volvo Will Get In-Car Cameras (caranddriver.com)
1 point by ideals 82 days ago | past
GM Working on Ultra Cruise Hands-Off Driving for City Streets (caranddriver.com)
2 points by laurex 83 days ago | past
Tesla Profits, Says Full Self-Driving Will Be Subscription by Year-End (caranddriver.com)
2 points by jocker12 3 months ago | past
French Fighter Jet Joy Ride Goes Très, Très Wrong (caranddriver.com)
2 points by uptown 3 months ago | past
GM Unveils Battery with Capacity Twice as Big as Tesla’s (caranddriver.com)
1 point by Anechoic 4 months ago | past
Surprising Things about Traffic Under Coronavirus Pandemic (caranddriver.com)
1 point by t23 4 months ago | past
Tesla's Fremont Factory Stays Open While Bay Area in Quarantine (caranddriver.com)
3 points by AndrewBissell 4 months ago | past
[flagged] Elon Musk Downplays Covid-19 Danger in Email to Space-X Employees (caranddriver.com)
54 points by DyslexicAtheist 4 months ago | past | 86 comments
GM Unveils Battery with Capacity Twice as Big as Tesla’s (caranddriver.com)
4 points by tomcam 5 months ago | past
Lucid Shows 400-Mile-Range Air Electric Sedan to Future Owners (caranddriver.com)
1 point by clouddrover 5 months ago | past
Model S Performance vs. Taycan Turbo S Comparison Test (caranddriver.com)
2 points by ypzhang2 6 months ago | past
Nhtsa Investigating 500k Teslas over Sudden-Acceleration Complaints (caranddriver.com)
2 points by sschueller 6 months ago | past
Sovereign Citizens Take Their Anti-Government Philosophy to the Roads (caranddriver.com)
1 point by smacktoward 7 months ago | past
Our Tesla Model 3 Suffered a Failure While Parked (caranddriver.com)
77 points by t3f 7 months ago | past | 163 comments
EV Charging Stations: Where to Find Them, What Type You Need, How to Pay (caranddriver.com)
1 point by howard941 8 months ago | past
Tesla Patents Laser Beams That Clean a Car's Glass (caranddriver.com)
2 points by prostoalex 8 months ago | past
Older Teslas May Face Glitch That Affects Screen Use and Charging Ability (caranddriver.com)
2 points by tempestn 8 months ago | past
VW Rolls Out I.D. Space Vizzion Concept Ahead of Aggressive EV Launch (caranddriver.com)
2 points by clouddrover 8 months ago | past
First Tesla Model 3 Cars Rolling Out in China (caranddriver.com)
1 point by lawrenceyan 9 months ago | past
Ford Uses AI to Solve Urban Driving Problems (caranddriver.com)
2 points by laurex 10 months ago | past
EV Revolution Must Be Here, Because Oil Companies Are Reacting (caranddriver.com)
1 point by msnautomotive 10 months ago | past
UVeye's System Can Completely Inspect a Vehicle in Four Seconds or Less (caranddriver.com)
1 point by msnautomotive 10 months ago | past
GM CEO Mary Barra Says Company Aims to Sell 1M EVs a Year (caranddriver.com)
3 points by clouddrover 10 months ago | past

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