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Medumo Is Hiring a Software Developer (angel.co)
6 days ago
Why the Gender Gap Gets Worse–Not Better–Among Senior Engineers (angel.co)
1 point by ChefboyOG 6 days ago | past | web | discuss
OpenPhone (YC S18) hiring mobile and backend engineers (angel.co)
11 days ago
Mattermark Founder on Being Self-Taught in Silicon Valley (angel.co)
3 points by ChefboyOG 12 days ago | past | web | discuss
Why Every Startup Employee Needs to Understand Liquidation Preference (angel.co)
1 point by ChefboyOG 15 days ago | past | web
Paperspace (YC W15) is hiring – Kubernetes, Go, machine learning (angel.co)
20 days ago
Liquidation Preference: Your Equity Could Be Worth Millions–Or Nothing (angel.co)
1 point by ChefboyOG 27 days ago | past | web
What It's Like as a Product Engineer at AngelList (angel.co)
1 point by ChefboyOG 35 days ago | past | web
FlowCommand is hiring ML engineers to analyze fluid behavior using ultrasonics (angel.co)
36 days ago
How to Hire World-Class Engineers (angel.co)
2 points by ChefboyOG 36 days ago | past | web
Newfront (YC W18) is hiring a strategic finance leader (angel.co)
40 days ago
Paperspace (YC W15) is hiring all roles to build the future of Deep Learning (angel.co)
46 days ago
WorkRamp (YC S16) Is Hiring a Senior Engineer in SF (angel.co)
48 days ago
TrueVault (YC W14) Is Hiring a Product Manager to Help Us Protect Personal Data (angel.co)
48 days ago
How to Tell If You're Joining a Rocketship (angel.co)
1 point by ChefboyOG 55 days ago | past | web
Bonsai (YC W16) hiring a growth lead (Remote) (angel.co)
57 days ago
Kodable is hiring a Game Developer to teach kids to code (angel.co)
60 days ago
TrueVault Is Hiring Senior Engineer (remote or SF) to Build Fort Knox for PII (angel.co)
60 days ago
How Well-Meaning Startups Destroy Employee Trust (angel.co)
1 point by ChefboyOG 62 days ago | past | web
What Makes a Good Head of Talent–Beyond “People Skills” (angel.co)
1 point by ChefboyOG 74 days ago | past | web
How to Hire After Raising Your Seed Round (angel.co)
2 points by ChefboyOG 81 days ago | past | web
TrueVault Is Hiring a Lead Product Manager (angel.co)
83 days ago
Save the Planet with Cyber (angel.co)
1 point by BuleBule 84 days ago | past | web
How to Hire Your First 10 Employees (angel.co)
3 points by ChefboyOG 88 days ago | past | web
How to Hire World-Class Engineers (angel.co)
2 points by ChefboyOG 3 months ago | past | web | 1 comment
TrueVault is focusing on protecting Personal Data. Be our first Product Manager (angel.co)
3 months ago
AngelList's Guide to Hiring Engineers (angel.co)
7 points by ChefboyOG 3 months ago | past | web
TrueVault is hiring a Content Marketer (angel.co)
3 months ago
TrueVault's Mission Is to Protect Personal Data. Join as Our Product Manager (angel.co)
4 months ago
IoT startup looking for CTO/co-founder for our growing team (Germany) (angel.co)
2 points by MartinWeber 4 months ago | past | web

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