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How is XML a garbage fire? In comparison to what? Also, representing paths succinctly as text is inherently complicated. You're trying to represent a very 2D thing in a linear 1D syntax. It's not a limitation of XML, it's a limitation of text being 1D.

XML/SGML are a very effective way of representing tree data (again, non-1D data) in 1D strings. And they're wonderfully extensible, while still keeping a well defined schema. Is there an alternative language that is better? How is it better?

Yeah, the "woke" vs "based" culture war has destroyed the minds of a generation. These are two sides of the same coin. The underlying anti-intellectualism and biological identitarianism/racism is the same. The only difference is where you go with it.

Sorry but "we are creating the infrastructure for a future panopticon that will transform the Earth into a global labor camp for the 0.0001%, but we have gender equal HR policies" is not woke for any definition of the term I'd care about. A gender-equal prison is still a prison, and does anyone think that gender equality is going to persist once real totalitarians take power and inherit all that wonderful mass surveillance infrastructure? Fake woke Silicon Valley is building the infrastructure for something that will probably look like a cross between The Handmaid's Tale and alt-America in Man in the High Castle. It's another case of capitalists selling the rope that will be used to hang them.

Meanwhile those who see through that have run into a completely different hall of mirrors chasing stupid green frog memes and embracing literal ideologies of enslavement. "We see through your fake woke! So we're going to advocate literal fascism to be edgy!" Playing the record backwards is still playing the record folks.

Why has this been obvious to me for years and yet I feel like nobody else sees it?

Use 'git bisect' or some similar tool to walk back and find the point where the lock file change triggered the bug?

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