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Yes, dispense with the pretty pictures, and things like an inane plan to turn the BQE into an autonomous self powered three lane Uber funded artisanal pod racing track or whatever that part said and build some fucking trains.

Not supertrains or hyperloop trains or complicated bullshit, straightforward European style trains that go from place to place fast and on time that we as a species figured out how to make work at least 20 years ago. Maybe 80 years ago.

Not fucking hanging trams across the Verazzano bridge. A train, on the ground or in a tunnel, with rails, and a place to sit, that goes fast, like every other fucking advanced country. An express train from the central business district to the airport. Seriously how fucking hard is this.

Here in NYC people actually like trains and will use them, they'll increase property values and bring more commerce and better quality of life. It's just an abject failure of our political system that we can't figure out how to build them in this region.

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