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This is a Pakistani Muslim problem. So avoid bigger cities. I lived for 10 months in Birmingham, I had to leave because even though I'm a grown man I could not tolerate the terror of people throwing rocks at your window at night. Besides the area around the main Concert Hall there is no particular "British" culture left in that city and acid attacks are definitely not done by local Brits. Nobody says anything because they are scared to be labeled as racists. It's a shame.


Will you switch over to a paid service once you're out of beta?

Also what's your policy on logging?

Below (a probably outdated list of) privacy enhanced servers that don't log.

  # Swiss Privacy Foundation http://www.privacyfoundation.ch/de/service/server.html
  # www.censurfridns.dk http://www.censurfridns.dk/
  # CCC http://www.ccc.de/censorship/dns-howto
  # Comodo Secure DNS https://www.comodo.com/secure-dns/
  # DNS Watch https://dns.watch/index
  # Fool DNS http://www.fooldns.com/fooldns-community/
  # Free DNS http://freedns.zone/

take the above list to find the one fastest for you:

  for i in `cat dns.txt|grep -v '^#'`
    qt=`dig @$i techcrunch.com| grep "Query time:" |cut -f2 -d ':'`
    echo "$i: $qt"

I completely agree. Swift's lack of desalinization is a critical problem for users. :-)


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