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In the past few weeks:

* NPM 6 stopped working with Node 4. Rather than actually fix it, they just left it broken for several days because it was already fixed in the upcoming release, and I guess they didn't want to do an emergency release: https://github.com/npm/npm/issues/20716

* There was a several hour period where you could publish packages, but then they would 404 when you tried to download the new version.

* They switched to using Cloudflare on Friday, and broke Yarn in the process: https://mobile.twitter.com/jamiebuilds/status/10001984632696...

* Somehow while switching to Cloudflare they blew away a bunch of the packages that had been published during the previously mentioned window. They also blew away all the versions of some packages. Last Friday night you couldn't 'npm install gulp'. Never gave any explanation for this: https://github.com/npm/npm/issues/20766

About a month ago there was a bug where npm would change permissions on a bunch of system files and render you entire system unusable in you ran it as root. But that was OK because the bug was on the "next" version of npm, not the one you'd get by installing 'npm install -g npm'... Except there was also a bug in the current version of npm that installed the next version of any package by default, so it did in fact blow up a bunch of machines.

Now, apparently, they are a teapot.

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