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The license is CC non-commercial. Does anyone here know if this means that it cannot be used to train models that will be used commercially?

> I don't get it... Wolfram is a money-hungry egomaniac.

That's kinda funny. Our revenue per employee is lower than the industry average. If the company was interested in money uber alles, there are many more profitable and less interesting ways of doing it than what we do now.

> not a single source line of Mathematica code is exposed

Well, not sure what you mean by 'exposed'. But you can read large swathes of our code by looking in the right place in the installation. We also have some official open source projects, like our HadoopLink: https://github.com/shadanan/HadoopLink

The default in copyright is that you have no rights to a copyrightable work. The GPL grants you some right under certain conditions. If the conditions fail to be met, your granted rights are revoked. As the creators of the GPL license the FSFs widely published opinion is likely to matter to judges evaluating a case. But in the end noone knows outcomes until would come to pass. So seek to minimize legal risks.

I don't think people who rent have a right to complain about the housing market. If there's a toxic spill across the street, they can just pack up and move. They also can't complain about gentrification of "their neighborhood" since it's not really their neighborhood, they're just visitors.

Tell that to Zoe Quinn, who got her restraining order forbidding Eron Gjoni from speaking about her publicly overturned -- on free speech grounds.

(I think the Massachusetts court made the wrong decision in that case.)

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