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I use the following convention to start the subject of commit(posted by someone in a similar HN thread):

    Add = Create a capability e.g. feature, test, dependency.

    Cut = Remove a capability e.g. feature, test, dependency.

    Fix = Fix an issue e.g. bug, typo, accident, misstatement.

    Bump = Increase the version of something e.g. dependency.

    Make = Change the build process, or tooling, or infra.

    Start = Begin doing something; e.g. create a feature flag.

    Stop = End doing something; e.g. remove a feature flag.

    Refactor = A code change that MUST be just a refactoring.

    Reformat = Refactor of formatting, e.g. omit whitespace.

    Optimize = Refactor of performance, e.g. speed up code.

    Document = Refactor of documentation, e.g. help files.

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